Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Party & Aunt Susan's Birthday

I just downloaded the pictures from my camera, and there were 117 on there!! So, hopefully I'll be able to get caught up on my posts today. The kids are sick. I feel bad every time they get sick because I think we've contaminated everyone we know. Lacy threw up Saturday night, but then was fine all day Sunday, so I thought she just didn't like something she ate, so we went to church, to lunch, and to dinner at the Smith's. I feel so bad because Hailey started throwing up early this morning. I went to work early and Joe stayed home with the kids, so we wouldn't infect any other innocent children with whatever they have. I came home at lunchtime so that Joe could go to work today too. Lacy and Hailey are asleep and Talon is laying on the couch watching TV. So, here goes.

A couple weeks ago, after the kids went swimming (mostly in the jacuzzi) we took them all to my parent's house for Pizza and cake for Aunt Susan's birthday, and then to Freestone Park for the Halloween party.
Braden had pancakes and syrup for breakfast. He liked it.
On the way there Hailey was crying so hard I had to pull the car into a parking lot to get her to settle down. Pink gum did the trick.While I was getting it out for her, Talon asked me if he could take a nap on the way there. Before I even pulled out of the parking spot here's what he looked like.Here are Braden and Sydney (with her pre-Bindi braids)Hailey didn't want to leave Lacy out of the pictures, so I handed her the camera and this is the one she took.
Once we got there we had pizza and cake for Aunt Susan.Got a picture of my kids.One of Lacy.And one of the whole group. Thomas (Tyler), Power Ranger (Aiden), Batman (Talon), Supergirl (Hailey), Bindi (Sydney), Cow (Braden) and Batbaby (Lacy)Then we took the kids out the back gate to Freestone for the Halloween party.

Sydney and Talon waiting their turns.Sydney is a rock star/groupie.Talon is a weirdo.

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