Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party at Freestone

I have failed to download my pictures yet, but thanks to Erica (who sent them to me already) here are some pictures from the Halloween party on Saturday night.
Batman (Talon)Supergirl(Hailey)BatBaby(Lacy)The whole Gang!!
Thomas(Tyler), Power Ranger(Aiden), Batman(Talon), Supergirl(Hailey), Bindi(Sydney), Cow(Braden), BatBaby(Lacy)Another shot with Supergirl flying highI think they're ready to go to the park!!

The best part of the whole night was when Talon took off his batman costume while we were in line to get into the park. He was taking a bit of crap for not even making it into the park with his costume on. He took it for a little while, then he said, "When Batman takes off his bat costume, he's Bruce Wayne." You go kid!!


laurie said...

I LOVE Lacy's costume!

Mower Power said...

So cute! Are you guys going to the party at Grove Circle this year? It's tomorrow night I think! Maybe we will see you there!