Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I don't normally post about TV shows. This is supposed to be a sort of "diary" or "scrapbook" for my family memories while my kids are still little, but I REALLY didn't like the show last night. It was 2 HOURS long...and took me much much longer with the kids.

I don't get a "happy feeling" watching the show like I should.

People are making DRAMATIC life altering changes.

We should watch and be so proud of them.

I want to punch Vicky in the throat!

I was SO happy for Amy's vote last night, but now I am afraid for her. Vicky will be out for blood. That's how she is. That is NOT what this show is supposed to be...that is SURVIVOR.

If Amy, Colleen, Michelle and Renee vote together next week they can outnumber Heba, Ed & Vicky to get Vicky out. I don't think Heba would be soooo bad without Vicky there. I hope Vicky is embarrassed when she goes home to her friends and family after they have seen who she really is. I also hope she goes home empty handed.


laurie said...

You spoke my mind EXACTLY! Gets me all riles up just thinking about it again.

Amanda H said...

I love it I only watched the ending and I was so sad she didn't get kicked off. She plays so dirty! I think all the rest of those people are amazing! I COULD NOT do it!

JIll said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who wants Vicky hurt! She is horrible! The way they treated Phil and how she is the devil in disguise makes me not want to watch. I love to watch the show for the push I need to work out and get motivated, not want to kill someone! Hopefully they will get her next week, by the way Heba is just as bad!