Thursday, November 13, 2008

Talon said

When Joe woke Talon up this morning...

Talon: Daddy did you get me a Ben Ten watch?
Joe: No.
Talon: Oh, that must have been a dream.

Then we went into the whole "ask Santa" thing, which reminded me of a conversation I had with Talon at Target the other day.

We were walking through clothes (trying my best to steer clear of the toys) and Talon saw a Sponge Bob pajama set that he wanted. I told him to ask Santa for it. Here's pretty much how that conversation went.

Me: Talon, you should ask Santa for that.
Talon: Um, Santa just brings whatever he wants.
Me: No Talon, you sit on his lap and tell him what you want...he never knows what to bring you because you're always too scared to ask him.
Talon: OHH!! I didn't know that's how it worked!!
Me: (trying not to laugh at him, because I explained it EVERY SINGLE time I tried to get him to sit on the guys lap) Yep Talon, you can sit on his lap and tell him you want those sponge bob pajamas.
Talon: Oh CRAP!

By now the lady and her teenage daughter next to us were completely cracking up. Good thing Talon didn't notice them. :-)

This morning after we told him to ask Santa for the Ben Ten watch he said, "But I thought I was going to ask him for the Sponge Bob pajamas!" Joe told him that it was OK to ask for more than one thing from Santa.

So here I am looking forward to getting one of those adorable pictures with my kids on Santa's lap AGAIN this year...maybe this will be the year...


laurie said...

We've been using the "ask santa" for about a month now. It's great!

Taya said...

That's very cute! Kids crack me up. Lauren's favorite word is Krap, so I guess I must say it alot!!! I hope you guys are all good!!! Have a great weekend...