Monday, November 3, 2008

Hair and Hair Bows!

Here's a hairdo I saw on this blog A Princess & Her Hair and thanks to the video she provided for me I did on Ava for Halloween. She was an angel. I forgot to get a picture of her when I did it, so this is later that night after trick-or-treating and some rock band. Since Ava's hair is so thin I had to change it a little bit. The twists that were hanging down were almost invisible by the time we got to the ends, so I hooked them back up and then used a flat iron to curl them over. You can see that best in the third picture. She was done, so here she is running away from me.Of course, Hailey's Supergirl hairdo had to make this too. :) Just a little flat iron flip, and glow-in-the-dark earings finished off her outfit.
Last weekend we took Talon to the mall to have Jennifer cut his hair. When we got there Hailey's hair was slicked into a ponytail, so Jennifer curled it all for her and made her feel like a princess. (Yep, I made the bow in her hair...pat pat)Daddy told her to do that pose.She did this one on her own, and I LOVED it!
Here's another one I stole from that same blog. I was worried Hailey's little tiny rubberbands wouldn't hold her hair, but I think the ones I used were WAY too big. Ava liked it, so that's all that matters. Here's that "stinkin" bow I made the other day. It took me forever! I realize it's way too big for Lacy (and she's in her pajamas), but Hailey didn't want to wear it so that I could take a picture. Lacy's arms aren't strong enough to push me away, and she can't run from me yet. :-P Here's a simple one I did one time when Hailey only wanted "one pony" in her hair.

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The Petersons said...

I love all of these! The bows you make are really cute too. I'm going to flip my braids up and curl them like that next time I do the twist braids. So cute, great job!!