Thursday, July 8, 2010

From door knobs to more knobs...

A couple of weeks ago I spray painted the door handles on all of the downstairs doors. They have held up pretty well, considering I didn't sand any of them first...which I WILL do with the ones upstairs that to the kids rooms...and the other projects I have in mind.
So, I decided to take off the knobs in my kitchen and do the same thing. Here they are before. Sorry about the bad picture quality...I still haven't read the manual for this camera.
The whole enchilada (before)...Some close-ups of the uglies (with some awesome reflective flashes and shadows)

Let's pretend the cabinet doors themselves to not need a complete make-over too. I do not have the time, nor energy to deal with that yet. Yes, I know it is not THAT bad of a job to take off the fronts, sand everything down and re-finish it all, BUUUT my staircase banister and rails all along the loft are the same color. I can't do one without doing all of it. It makes me really tired just thinking about sanding all those rails. Ughh!!

Okay, back on track.

First I took off all the handles.

Except the ones that were super glued in...That's right folks, I said super glued. Why someone would do that...I have no idea. So, I improvised and, after a good scrubbing down with soap and water, started priming.Joe took this whole door off, because the screw was so threaded it was the only way, without breaking anything. :)And here they are back on, with a no more shiny brass.

So, what do you think? Better?

Every time I open a cupboard door I wonder why I didn't do this sooner.

4th of July Cake

When I saw this cake at Make It and Love It I knew I wanted to do it. I was pretty unsure about it though. I had never made a multi-layered cake before.
Nope. Never. Never even tried.
But look at the inside!! It's an American flag!! Seriously. Had to try it, but as I mentioned, I was scared. Since we had plans to spend the 4th of July weekend up north with some friends I decided to make a practice cake first. The directions the post were REALLY good and I got through it all without any "oops" moments at all!!
Here are my layers cooling off after baking them. You can't really tell by the picture, but the blue looked green. I was sure I mixed it blue...baking it can't really turn it to green can it?
Well, I guess we'll see, right?
(look at those hideous, golden drawer handles, and obnoxious gold and white knobs on my cabinets!...we'll talk about that later)
And here she is all layered up, according to the directions
I decided on stars, because, well they just seemed a little bit more patriotic to me and I already had the cookie cutters. :)And here is my "practice cake" in all it's gloryI did not take any pictures of the "real" cake I made in Payson, but it looked pretty much exactly the same.
I'm so proud. :D
Oh, and it tasted good too!