Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas at the Horihan's

Here are some pictures of the kids opening their presents from the gift exchange, and presents from Grandma and Grandpa Horihan.
The happiest kid in the whole world was Aiden when he opened his new blanket from my mom. I guess the one she made him when he was born is in pretty bad shape because he loves it so much. He wouldn't put the new one down for the rest of the day.Uncle Martin helped Lacy open her presents. Him and Cheryl carried her around almost all I know who to call when I need a babysitter. ☺
We took dessert to the celebration, including a peppermint ice cream cake. Talon asked who's birthday it was, so we explained (again) that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. He seemed to get it this time, but then yesterday he asked me why Jesus wasn't at Grandma Horihan's house if it was his birthday.
Joe started a new tradition this year. He had the kids go through all of their toys and pick something that they thought each one of their cousins would like. Talon really got into it and put a lot of consideration into each one. Although the kids got to pick the presents we bought for the cousins they drew names for, I think it meant more to pick one from their own toys. I thought it was a great idea, and I hope we remember to do it every year.

Christmas Morning

Here is how the Tree and presents looked at 1:00 a.m. when Joe and I finally went to bed.Here are the kids in the morning.Check out that excitement!!Hailey and Talon with their barbiesHailey helped Lacy open her presentsBut she liked the wrapping paper more.Then we told the kids to go get their stockings. Tee hee. Hailey was jumping up and down trying to reach hers. ☺
We had a great Christmas morning with our little family. Although Joe knew I got him SOME thing, he was surprised by his Garmen and new wallet.
He filled my stocking with all kinds of great things he found that I can eat on this stupid diet, some jewelry and a gift card to go shopping. I have the BEST husband...really!


Here are the Christmas bows I made for Hailey, Lacy and Sydney

My Birthday

Sydney spent the night Tuesday night, so she was with us for my birthday morning. Joe let me sleep in. I ♥ Joe!! Then he gave me my gifts. I got a green jacket from Old Navy, a Lemonade Handbag and some Dermalogica face stuff. He is the best. ☺After that we got everyone dressed and went out to breakfast. Later that night we went to Texas Roadhouse with Joe's parents, his brother Jono and his Grandma Jeanne. I LOVE that place! I even ate half a roll so I could have some of that butter. Mmmmm. Totally worth it!!

Family Pictures

For my birthday I wanted to get some family pictures. Jackie and Adelina were kind enough to come over and take some for us. Out of approximately 724 pictures, here are the best.

...And it's over
The kidsThe money shot!Close-up!! Enough is enough! Hailey just got up and sat on the couch, Lacy fell over and Talon started asking if we were done yet.
Lacy was still game for a few more
And even gave me a big 'ole smile!!
Hailey took this picture of me and Lacy playing

Baking and a broken oven

Our oven went out Tuesday night, so Hailey and I made some cookies dough at home and then took it over to Grandma & Grandpa Dairman's house to bake them on Christmas Eve.I decorated the cans from Lacy's formula for Christmas. I figured I spent about $25 a piece on these things - I mine as well get a second use out of them, so we filled them with cookies and fudge and passed them out to our family on Christmas. I also made some fudge Christmas morning while I was waiting for the kids to wake up. I think everything turned out pretty good in the end.

Smith Family Christmas

After we left the party at the Mullin's we headed out to the Smith Family Christmas Party. We were a little bit late, but still ate way too much and had a great time.
Amy & Tyler's kids started off the party by singing Holy Night. Then Grandma Vietta played the piano and everyone sang Christmas songs.
Then it was time to pass out gifts.The littlest kids got to open theirs first.I went in the other room to get a couple of pictures of the older kids doing their gift card exchange......And here is what I came back to. Love it!