Thursday, March 26, 2009

A visit with Great Grandma Katie

Saturday afternoon we met my mom, with Sydney and Braden, at Grandma's. Seriously, this is the best picture of about 25 I took.

Grandma, Braden, Talon (grumpy!), Hailey, Sydney and Lacy.Talon didn't want to have his picture taken, so we took him out and tried again.The kids went outside and started climbing the tree.
SydneyHaileySydney&Hailey Talon slipped and scraped his leg, so we don't have any of him in the tree this time. Maybe next time?

Monday, March 23, 2009

A couple of updates

Weight Loss Update
It has been 6 weeks since THIS post. I am proud to say I have not gained any weight back, but I have not lost any more weight either. Maintaining is much easier than losing! I am still working full time, coaching softball in the afternoons and making it to the gym a few nights a week to work out with Joe. I am pretty tired, but my new jeans still fit, in fact I think I could go down a size!

This past weekend the softball team drove to Page for a double header. I did not go. 5 hour bus ride there + 2 games + 5 hour bus ride home = No thanks! The team won both games, and I got to spend the weekend with my family! :o) Seton is now 6-0!!

A new roommate
A girl that Joe works with turned 18 last week and was kicked out of her house. She is still in high school. She is now living in our spare bedroom/computer room. She doesn't have a lot of space, little to no privacy and our kids make it practically impossible for her to sleep in. Yet, she is very appreciative and respectful, and the kids ♥ her. Welcome to our house Bailee!
Joe's Birthday
Joe is turning 33 on Thursday. Not only do I not have a gift for him...I have NO IDEA what to get him. Really, NO IDEA! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Send them to so Joe will not see them, and I can pretend that I came up with them on my own. Seriously!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get Your Lemonade!!

Talon has been asking to have a lemonade stand forEVER! Last Saturday we finally let him, and he had a great time. He set up at the back fence for the golfers.

How can you pass up those cute faces without buying a cup? You can't! Talon was sooo great! He ran his lemonade stand for about 2 hours and stayed there the whole time. He would stand there patiently and wait for the golfers to finish the hole and as soon as they started walking to their golf carts he would yell, "Get your lemonade! Get your lemonade!" until they stopped or passed him. At one point two guys stopped and gave him $1 each, but didn't want any lemonade. Talon said maybe they gave him the money because he's so cute...I think he's right!
He made $13.75 and gave $2 to Sydney for helping. She would only run over (sometimes) when he had a customer. :o)

After her, Hailey and Braden went in the jacuzzi (hot cozy at our house) I did her hair. I loved the 4 leaf clover that I saw on Cute Girly Do's, so I tried it on Sydney.Monday night I added ribbon and gave Hailey a shamrock, which is a slight variation of what I saw HERE (another one from Cute Girly Do's).I thought it turned out really cute.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

School Zoo Trip & Star Hair

I got the idea from The Story of A Princess & Her Hair - it's a little bit of a variation to her Twist Braid Star I started out with the 5 ponies and then made two twist braids in each one, then took them each to the appropriate pony. But because each pony had two coming and going from it I couldn't use a rubber band to attach it. I used a little clip instead. Although it looked cute when I did it, those don't hold her hair all day.So, the next day I just did one twist from each pony and made a star patten, rubber banding each as I went. The very last one couldn't be rubber banded, so I used a clippie. It fell out ALL day at the zoo and I put it in over and over again about a hundred times until I just put it in my pocket. The other clippies are there just so the one that I needed didn't look out of place.The kids took a field trip to the zoo on Friday and I got the afternoon off work to go with them. Here is Hailey and Ava and a friend waiting for the puppet show to start.
Talon didn't want to sit on the floor, so he sat in a chair next to me.The whole gang (almost)
On the train rideWe got off the train near the petting zoo, but once we got close Talon said that it smelled too bad and he didn't want to go in. Hailey was already in with Grandma & Grandpa Dairman, so I told Talon he could either stay at the stroller by himself or come in with me. He wasn't happy about it, but he came in. Once we were inside with the goats, one peed and the other one was licking it up. Gross!! At least the goats don't lick you. He stood around for a little while and then looked at me and said, "Fine, where's a brush?"Ava, Hailey and GrandpaEven Grandma got in on the action!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fundraising Project

Some friends of ours, Chad and Cassie Kerby will be heading to Guatemala in April. On their trip they will be helping out the villagers in the Chimaxyat village. One of the projects they will be doing is building toilets for 33 of the families there. This in turn will help with cleanliness and sanitation. They have set a goal to raise $1,000.00 for this cause. They are also looking for donations of school and art supplies for the school there. If you would like to donate any money click HERE and it will take you to Cassie's donation page.

Thanks for helping out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Dinner / Talon's Birthday

Here's a picture Joe took of Talon's stitches before he got them out on Friday.Talon made his own birthday cake...with a little bit of help.He was sooo proud!!Ava, Talon, Hailey, Braden and Sydney at Grandma & Grandpa Dairman's house last night.Licking the candles.PresentsGrandma Horihan and LacyMORE Ben 10 toys!
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Dairman for letting us celebrate Talon's birthday at your house. We ♥ you!!