Monday, November 10, 2008

Our weekend

I thought we had a crazy weekend until I read Laurie's blog today...nope, ours was pretty tame. :)

Friday night we went to the gym. Yep we're CRAZY on Friday nights.

Saturday morning I got up and ditched the family to go to a softball clinic at Seton. Every year we hold at least one clinic for 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th graders to earn money for the CA tournament. It was pretty successful. There were a lot more young kids there this year, who have just started playing softball.

I'm glad I coach at the high school level.

I need to start teaching my kids the basics, so people aren't afraid of throwing a ball at them when they're 9.

I only stayed until noon because...

In the meantime, Jennifer dropped her kids off at our house around 8:30. Joe had all 5 kids (4 and under) at our house...and he was sick with a cold. When I got home we took them all to McD's to burn off some energy. We got home around 2:30 and Joe took a much needed nap.

Talon (politely) woke him up about 5:15 to get ready for dinner and Daniel Tosh. We went with Donna and Branden while Jennifer was stuck at home giving bath's to 5 (nope 4, Talon is dirty) kids.

Sunday was a down day. We both felt pretty sick, but made it out of the house in the afternoon to get some food and to check out some full size mattresses to be added to our office/guest room. The frame for the bed that was in there broke, and we have decided to upgrade from twin to full. We didn't purchase anything.

Our house is very messy right now. I haven't decided if I feel up to going to the gym tonight, but right now it seems better than facing the mess at home.

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laurie said...

Crazy is crazy, is there really a level? That's great that you are still going to the gym. Do you like it yet?