Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ann's 60th Birthday

Saturday night all of us girls got together for Ann's birthday party. Happy Birthday Ann!!Her cousin hosted the event at her house, and Ann's daughter and her husband served a FABULOUS dinner. We had such a great time spending time together at Jana's beautiful home...and man was the food good! Ann's daughter and her husband own Urban Cookies and he is a great chef (to put it mildly). We even got a reading from Jana from her new book. Bones in the Desert: The True Story of a Mother's Murder and a Daughter's Search. It's one of the two books I've read in the past 4 years that didn't start out with "Once Upon a Time..." The other one was Jana's other book The Trunk Murderess: Winnie Ruth Judd If you want to borrow either one let me know because I highly recommend them both. Here's a picture of Ann with her cousin JanaAnd one of the whole gang (minus Colleen and Jenn who both had to leave early) Why do we always wait until people are gone to get the pictures?? You'd think I would've learned by now to take them early so we can get everyone, maybe next time. Wow, I just hit the spellcheck and it said "No misspellings found"...I don't think that has EVER happened to me...by the way I had to hit it again to see how to spell misspellings. :-)

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