Monday, April 27, 2009

Criss Cross, teething and surgery

I saw this on a blog a while back, but didn't think Hailey's hair was long enough to pull it off. I can't find the original post, so I can't link you to it. I did this on MJ's hair, from the softball team, while we were in California but never took a picture of it. MJ has really long straight black hair, so you can imagine it looked a lot different on her.From the side.Cheesey! Talon felt like getting dressed up on Saturday. Doesn't he look handsome?Lacy wasn't feeling the whole picture thing, and the other two were very distracted. One of these days I'm going to get a picture of all three kids looking AND smiling. Until then, here you go...Daddy took this one of me and the kids. Lacy is teething and can't seem to keep her hands out of her mouth. She has 11 teeth now! The other day Lacy was cutting a molar and was chewing on her fingers. When she pulled her hand out of her mouth she threw blood all over Talon's face. He said, "Daddy's gonna freak out!" Then he went in the bathroom and washed it off while I let Lacy suck on a cool washrag. Good times!!

On another note Joe had surgery on Thursday. We are done having kids. For sure now! :) He is such a trooper to have that done for us. It's a little sad for me to know that we won't have any more kids, but I know it's the right thing for us. He really is the BEST!

The night he had the surgery Bailee and I heard this awful crash. I went looking for Joe, but couldn't find him, so I just started calling out his name. He woke up on the floor of the bathroom. He scared the crap out of me though and I almost took him to the emergency room because he was so almost green he was so white. I've only seen dead people look like that. Don't ask him about fainting though, apparently women "faint" and men "pass out." Good to know. He is feeling much better now. Thanks Joe! I ♥ U!

Mother's Day

Don't know what to get the mother in your life...Dolce is great! Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Bailee went to prom

Saturday night Bailee had prom. Jennifer did her hair and I did her makeup. I've never done anyone else's makeup before, so that was a first. :-)

Bailee and her date.
Aren't they cute?We went into the backyard to take some picturesCloser-upClosest-upIsn't she pretty?Another great shot! I wonder what he said...probably, "How many pictures is your fake mom gonna take?"

Friday, April 17, 2009

Softball Tournament

So, here is the reason it took me so long to post pictures from Easter. Monday morning we had to be at the airport at 5:45 to fly to Burbank, CA for a softball tournament. Then we rented a couple of passenger vans and drove the team a few hours north to Santa Maria for a 3-day tournament. The team did pretty well. We went 3-2 (that's 3 wins and 2 losses). It was COLD there! I think I wore everything I packed. At the same time!! The winds were ridiculous! 35-45 mile/hour wind gusts. CRAZY COLD! One of the mom's there took a picture of me out at first and I looked like an Eskimo. I think the wind froze my brain too, because I didn't take any pictures until after our last game.We totally should have had Amanda kneel down so you could see Coach Mullin behind her. LOL
The seniors
Our vanBurbank Airport - waiting to go home
These kids are the reason that this is what I have been doing every afternoon, for 3½ months out of the year, for the past 10 years. ♥ It!

Lacy Birthday on Easter

Since Lacy's Birthday is April 9th and we were having everyone over on Easter (three days later), we decided to celebrate her birthday on the same day. For those of you who know my birthday is Christmas Eve, you may question my judgement here. Look, she's 1. Easter falls on different dates every year. Sometimes she may need to share her birthday with Easter. Tuff. My mom was better than me. She always gave me, and Tina, a seperate party for our birthday's in December. Maybe one day...when she knows the difference. Maybe not. Let's just get to the cute pictures already!

Talon, Lacy and HaileyThe kids...Ha ha Bailey, I just called you a kid (well you DID go down for a nap later)!Lighting the candles♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to Laaaacyyy! ♫
♫ Happy Birthday to YOU!♫
Now Blow!There was a little purple butterfly ring on her personal cakeShe liked it and licked it.Oh my gosh!Eating birthday cake, and Easter pieHee Hee


Opening giftsSo pretty!

Easter Sunday At Our House

Hailey and Lacy in their Easter dressesThese two cuties (my brother's son Tyler, and Joe's brother's son Ethan) showed up in the same outfitThey became great friendsMy sis, Jennifer, and her two adorable kids Braden and SydneyMy brother's wife Erica, her son Tyler and HaileyThe best picture my family took least the yard looks good. :-)My brother Dave, his wife Erica, their son Tyler and "baby girl" who is going to be born later this month! TylerThe hunt