Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Night

Even though Dennis and Charlotte are are in China, we still went to Joe's parent's house for Halloween. We aren't the only ones that love that neighborhood. :) Courtney and Charles brought Carina and Ethan; Jill and Jason brought Kaylyn, Amanda, Payton, and Lauren and Jono was there with Gavin and Ava. Here's a shot of the whole crazy gang.And one of my kids. (Yep, Talon decided to be Spiderman this time)Hailey felt like taking pictures, so we went with it. I think I have about 20 of her. :0) .


laurie said...

I love seeing pictures of lots of cousins. Too cute. Loving Haileys hair, very superhero-ish.

JIll said...

Wow! Hailey is a beauty! We had such a great time Friday night. We missed you on Sunday. We are getting together next Sunday if you feel like driving half way to Calif0rnia :) Let me know.