Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cabaret...and Brooke

Friday night we saw Cabaret at the Arizona Broadway Theatre. We went with Joe's parents, one of my co-workers and his date. The show was GREAT! There was a lot of wonderful, talented people in the show from all over the country. One of the best was Joe's second cousin Brooke...what a great dancer!

A few months ago we met her sister, Tara, while she was passing through AZ on a road trip. In case you missed that, you can read about that here.

So, I forgot my camera because I...well I suck. Here is a picture I am stealing from Brooke's facebook page. (I hope that's OK) In this photo: Jill Tieskoetter, Kristin Donnelly, Kimberly Schafer, Molly LaJoie, Brooke Robyn Dairman, Shayla Benoit, Morgan Rudolph

We are meeting Brooke and her boyfriend for dinner tonight before she heads back home to New York and my camera is in my purse...yeah me!! So, more pictures will be posted in a few days.

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