Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talon is 5!! (with stitches)

Yesterday by little baby turned 5. He is such a good kid.

Monday after his swim lesson he busted his chin open playing. Hailey was still in her lesson, so Joe left and took him to urgent care.

I tried to call him when I was leaving swim lessons with Hailey and Lacy, but Joe's phone was dead. He called me from Urgent Care and said that they sent him away, because they don't do sutures in urgent care (don't get me started about that). Anyway, while we were both on our way to Banner Gateway I called Adelina. She told us not to go there because the ER was in Code Purple. Apparently that's bad. No place to put anyone and 21 people in the waiting room.!!

I couldn't call Joe, because his phone was still dead, and mine was slowly fading. I waited for him outside the ER and put the girls in the car with him and Talon, and we headed to a different Urgent Care. They were closed. We went to Phx Children's Hospital's Urgent Care. There were only about 4 kids in the waiting room. Sweet!
Talon was being soooo good. He had been holding the gauze on his chin for quite a while, so he had dad hold it for him so he could color. :o)

When we were finally called back, the nurse put some numbing gel on it and 20 minutes later we were on our way to getting stitches. (Joe said we could have gone home, looked it up on the Internet, got the supplies, and done it ourselves by now) We were kicking ourselves for leaving my car at the ER, so we were all stuck there with Hailey and the baby. Good thing they were all being so good!!!

Here's the gross paragraph if you want to skip it:
The nurse sprayed the wound with saline a lot and it opened up A LOT. When the doctor came in there were chunks sticking out. She tried to push it all in while she squeezed it together but couldn't get it all in there. She ended up doing a deep stitch with dissolve able string before she put six stitches on the outside layer. She had to cut out a little bit of the chunks in order to keep it clean. I REALLY wish that either one of our phones had enough battery to get a was GROSS!!

Basically Talon will have a scar on his chin just like every other boy. He absolutely amazed me while they were stitching him up. Every time she started sticking the needle in again he would ball up his fists really tight and then relax when she got it through. What a brave little boy!! I was so proud of him! While he was getting his stitches I asked him if he wanted me to tell him what he was getting for his birthday. He said, "no mommy, I told you, you can get me whatever you want." The nurse holding him almost started crying. He is such a great kid.

We had all of his cousins over at Grandma & Grandpa Horihan's house on Tuesday night for pizza and cupcakes. He had a great time playing with his cousins. When I got there, after softball practice, they were all sitting around the table eating pizza and nobody even noticed his stitches. I guess they are far enough under his chin that you can't see them unless he looks up.(left to right) Tyler, Braden, Hailey, Talon, Sydney and Lacy
Here he is opening his present from us. My friend Stephanie made it for him, and he couldn't have been more excited!!
What a STUD!

Last night, him and Hailey went upstairs to get ready for bed and I could hear a bunch of ruckus on the monitor (which is in Hailey's room), so I went up there and found Talon helping her clean her room. I ♥ those kids!!

Joe got him some Ben Ten toys and some more color wonder books, which are the only kind we let them have upstairs. I think he had a really great birthday.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Win, Win, Win!!!

I won and you can too!

The Rules...

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4. When you receive your gift, please feel free to blog about it, sharing appropriate Linky Love!

If you are not one of the Top Three Commenters on this post, you can still play along. Please take the button and post it on your blog; start your own Pay It Forward chain, and encourage your blogging friends to do the same!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Zoo

Talon and Hailey got to go to the zoo on Monday. Joe and I both had to work, but you can go HERE to read all about it and see some really cute pictures of our kids. :o) Thanks Jill!

Thanks to Joe...I realized that some of you may not be invited to view Jill's blog, so here are some pictures I stole from her. :o)
Lauren & Hailey on the bus from the parking lotAva & Talon
The kidsWith Grandma & GrandpaCute! Taking a break
The End

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Days

We went to Payson this past weekend for our last family trip before the official start of the softball season. We left Friday evening and came back on Sunday. Jono and his kids came on Friday night too, but had to leave Saturday afternoon.

We REALLY wanted to find snow for his kids on Saturday, so we drove up to the same spot we went last time with the Smith's. There was just enough snow on one side of the gravel pits for the kids to do some sledding.

Here is Joe & Talon sledding, Jono, Ava and GavinJoe & TalonMe & the girls (we are sitting at the bottom of the hill they were sledding on)Hailey - all bundled up thanks to some loaners from the Smith's (Thanks!)Gavin & TalonThen, we woke up to this Sunday morning! They are standing right out the back door!! Talon was in heaven! He said, "maybe there will be presents at home." Somehow he thought it was supposed to snow on Christmas...since it didn't (I know shocker!) he thought he would get ANOTHER Christmas morning. That kid is too funny!Joe pushed them down the little slope in the backyard.The front of the house covered in the snow.This is the first time I used the timer on my camera.The back of the house, from the path to the park.We took a "walk" to find some better hills at the park.Talon took this picture. It shows exactly how much snow we got overnight.Playing around with Lacy.The rainbow we saw on the way home.The End.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Remember THIS post?

Well, 40 pounds and about 6 months later and I QUIT! If I could punch that diet in the face I would.

What, you ask was the final straw?

While in Payson, at the McDonald's drive thru with the kids (as I remember it):

Joe: bla bla kids meal bla bla...and a big mac with no onions and no bun.
Lady #1: no what?
Joe: no bun
Lady #1: no bun?
Joe: right, no bun.
Lady #2: your order..bla bla onions and no (whispering now) - no what?
Lady #1: (also whispering) no bun...yeah...whisper whisper
Lady #2: no onions and no bun.
Joe: And a 6 piece chicken nuggets. (not relevant whatsoever)

Joe says to me that we better check it before we leave. So, I dig into the bag and find a box with a receipt TAPED TO THE BOX. It says NO ONIONS and NO BUN...and they STILL put a bun on it. They did, however, leave out the middle bun...makes sense right??

What's the problem right? You say, Kathy why don't you take off the bun and throw it away when you get home? That's what all the sauce and good stuff is stuck to! Good grief!

I was almost done then. I think Joe was too, but with me.

I got back to the cabin and ate it. THEN, I WAS done. Grossest thing EVER!

I ordered spinach ravioli's for dinner. They were delicious!!

P.S. When we got back from Payson Hailey present had already been delivered!! It is just as pretty as the picture. I ♥ it!

P.P.S. I will post the pictures of the snow in Payson as soon as I get them downloaded. It was gorgeous and the kids had a blast!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A (?) Gift for Hailey

So, I was checking things out - following links and stuff. And I found THIS site. I've been there before, but I was looking again. Usually I just browse these things to get ideas for bows. By the way, I am totally going to make one of these that I found HERE, because it is awesome! (I saw you roll your eyes Joe!)
Anyway, my point is - I found this! It matches Hailey's room PERFECTLY!! Isn't that the prettiest bow holder you have ever seen? The problem is I JUST shopped at Michael's TWO days ago and bought the letters B, O, W & S and some stickers and crap to make my own bow holder. SUCK! I decided that since everything is still in the bag (including the receipt) I can take it all back and get that beautiful one for Hailey. It wasn't much more than I spent at the store for one that I was probably going to spend HOURS making, and probably need my mouth washed out for cursing a few times along the way. (I'm not very good at that kind of stuff, which is why letting that lady go in the bathroom without saying anything to her was so out of character for me) So, Hailey is getting a present. Her birthday is not until August. I could kid myself and say that I can wait until then to give it to her, but seriously that is a LONG time away! Of course I had to get some of these butterfly clippies too, but they were only $1.50 - what a steal!

In the end, I think I got everything for a really good price and their shipping was free. I AM going to take that other stuff back, and save a lot of stress.

Softball tryouts start at Seton on Monday. Talk about another level of stress, but the good kind. :o) I am so lucky to have such great parents, a wonderful husband, and excellent in-laws to take such great care of my kids so I can keep doing what I love. This will be my 11th season coaching there!! I am dreading my schedule during the next few months, but I am totally looking forward to getting back on the field with those great kids!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


What would YOU do?

Your family is at a restaurant. Your 3 & 4 year olds need to use the restroom. A woman follows you in the door. There are two stalls. One is already taken. Your 4 year old enters the open stall. The woman, who came in after you, says, "I just really need to get a tissue to blow my nose...I tried to get in before you...can I just grab some tissue?" Uh, OK. You tell your 4 year old to unlock the door and get out so that this woman can get some tissue. He comes out. She goes in.

She LOCKS the door and proceeds to go to the bathroom.

Then, when she finally comes out of her stall, probably trying to avoid you, drops the door on the lady, with a walker, that you just helped out of the other stall.

Seriously, that REALLY happened! I didn't say anything to her, and Joe kept telling me all day that he was so dissapointed in me. When I came out and told him what just happened he wanted to find her to tell whoever she was with what a peice of S she is. I couldn't find her, but I figure they already know.

Preschool Field Trip

On Thursday Mrs. Rogers took the kids on a field trip to a Fire House. Here she is giving the kids instructions before we all went in. My kids were both sitting on my lap.
Once we were up and going inside Talon joined his classmates, but Hailey would not leave my lap. That's Talon - third from the left, and Ava - two girls to the right of him.After some discussion about fire safety the kids went into the kitchen.Then they got to take turns in the Fire Truck. That's Talon in the back.They even let them put on headphones. He's pretending he's talking into the microphone here.
Here's Ava inside the truck.Joe, Talon and Grandma Dairman.Hailey wouldn't go in. I even offered to go with her. Nope. It even took some coaxing to get her to let go of me long enough to get on the back of the truck with Ava.Lacy.Our family by the firetruck.
Check out Hailey!! She's FINALLY sitting with her class! (Way far on the right, behind the redhead in the front) Talon's big cheese is in front. This picture was taken right after Talon raised his hand in the middle of the discussion to let the fireman know he painted a rock at home...crazy kid!