Monday, June 30, 2008

Crazy cloud

Talon and I went to Aunt Jennifer's house to get his hair cut last night. On the way there Talon said, "look at that crazy blue cloud mommy, it looks like a crocodile and it even has teeth." So, of course I had to take a picture with my phone.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Who does Lacy look like?

So, after looking through some old photos, I don't think there's any more questions as to who Lacy looks like. These are pictures of Talon and Lacy at about the same ages:

Crazy that I thought she looked like Hailey when she was born!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hailey cleans up

This is how I found Hailey the other day:And here is how our conversation went:
Me - Hailey, what are you doing?
Hailey - Me ceening up!
So, I walked away and gave her some time to see what her plan was. A short time later I came back and here is what I found. Hailey - me find dese socks
Me - do you need help
Hailey - yes, big, big mess mommy
No kidding!
But, she did help me find all of the matches to put them away - ceener!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Pictures!!

We finally got some new family pictures taken today that include Lacy! Yeah!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A glimpse into the future...

I was just giving Lacy a bath, when Hailey started playing with Lacy's baby lotion. I told Hailey not to open it, but in just a few moments she was showing me the lotion on her fingers. Here is how our conversation went:
Me: Did you get lotion on your fingers?
Hailey: No, baby Lacy do dat.

I guess I have a lot more of those conversations to look forward to in the next 18 years or so. =)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Background!

I found this website from a link on a friends and finally update the background! Yeah!! Maybe I will become a blogging guru someday!

If you are interested...I added the link to The Cutest Blog on the Block under "favorites"...see I really am getting the hang of this! The best part is that the backgrounds are free when you use the link on the left, and the instructions are simple for newbies like me.

Diamondbacks game

We took Talon and Hailey to the Diamondbacks game last night and they had a great time...and the D-backs even won! I was kicking myself for not bringing the camera, because they were so cute. Thanks Donna, for watching Lacy so we were able to take them. We Love You!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Talon said...

My mom and Jennifer took her kids to CA for a few days to visit Sydney's dad and grandma. They took our car to save on gas, and I am driving her minivan, which has a TV in it. The kids were SO excited to watch TV in the car that as soon as we got Snow White going and drove away from my parent's house Monday night Talon said, "This is great, it makes my heart so happy!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day! (updated with pictures)

Happy Father's Day Joe!
You are a wonderful father and husband and we are VERY lucky to have you in our lives. You have taught our children so much already, and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you learning and growing with our children.
OK, so I'm a little bit late on posting this, but I had some pictures that I wanted to include in it, and of course they are still on my camera...bummer! (They are now included ;))
We had a little bit of a weird day on Sunday, because our two older kids woke up at 5:00! They NEVER get up that early, so I shut our bedroom door to let Joe sleep longer and had the kids start coloring on their cards for him. Talon actually wrote his name! I had already signed the card for him, so he copied the letters I had written and put his name in somewhat of a circle at the bottom of the card, and then colored them all in. I think he's going to do great in Pre-school in the fall!!
Hailey colored her card too, with some circles and had me make some hearts on it for her so that she could color those in too.
Their cards turned out really cute, and they wanted to give them to Joe right away, so I let them take him his cards and gift bags and then let him go back to sleep.
We got to spend the whole day together! That's my favorite kind of day!! Thanks Joe, I love you!!
Here are a couple more random pictures we took this weekend.

Me and HaileyHailey and Lacy
Amy, Tyler & their kids; John, Sherry & their kids; and Donna & Brandon came over on Friday night, so here are a couple pictures from that evening:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jen's kids

I came across these pictures that Jennifer (my sister) had taken at the park of her beautiful kids a little while ago. Here are my favorites:
Braden Sydney
Aren't they absolutely adorabe? Almost as cute as mine! =)

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Nail Polish on Carpet

Something that I've learned that I wanted to pass on, in order to save someone else the stress I had, is how to get nail polish out of carpet.
One morning when I woke up to Hailey trying to do her own nails, with bright pink nail polish, I freaked out when I saw that she got some on the carpet. It looked like she had put the container on the carpet and just let it spill out while she was working on her fingernails and toenails. I immediately called my mom, and asked her how to get it out. She calmly told me that you don't. Don't use nail polish remover because you will have a big white spot. Wait for it to dry and try to cut it out of the carpet. Well, that wasn't good enough for me, so I sat down at the computer and searched. Here is what I found...and it worked GREAT!
Put a generous amount of shaving gel (not cream) on the nail polish and rub it in, then spray windex on top of it. Leave it for a few minutes and clean it all off with a warm rag. Every last bit of nail polish was gone, and it didn't ruin the carpet. I don't know why that worked, but it did, so I don't care.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Potty Training Made EASY??

Hailey has been acting like she's ready for quite some time now, and will pee in the little potty outside, but just won't quit pooing in her pull-up. I've tried just switching her to big girl panties, but she constantly has accidents and I feel like I have to follow her around with the:

Which is pretty amazing by the way. Anyhow, I've been getting frustrated about changing her diapers. Those of you who have had more than one child in diapers at the same time can relate to this. Those of you who haven't I'll explain...once you bring the little baby home and change their cute tiny little diapers with all of their cute tiny little parts, and then have to change a two year old's is absolutely disgusting...and everything seems huge! It makes me ask her every time, "when are you going to poo on the potty?" With the same response from Hailey, "next time."

So, I went on the Internet in search of an easy answer to the potty training dilemma. You see, we pretty much just waited for Talon to do it on his own. In a very short time I find the following book, Potty Training Made Easy, Fast & Simple. I thought perfect, exactly what I'm looking for and so $7 and a couple of minutes later I had the book downloaded. ALL 87 PAGES!!! Excuse me! What in the heck is simple about that? There is also a 72 page Q& ANYONE is going to take the time to read 159 pages! Good grief!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Child Safety Door Locks

Well, I haven't had to use these until Monday. We were leaving Grandma and Grandpa Dairman's house on our way to swim lessons, at Talon was throwing a FIT! I had told Talon and Hailey to get in the car about a bizillion times, but they were ignoring me and running back and forth across the grass. Hailey decided to listen first and got in the car, but she got in Talon's seat in the middle. I told Talon that since Hailey listened, and he didn't, she gets to sit there this time(next to Lacy) and he would have to sit in her seat. WOW! 4 YEAR OLD'S SURE KNOW HOW TO THROW A FIT!! It took me WAY too long to get him buckled in while he was fighting it tooth and nail. I actually took him out of the car and spanked his bottom and then started over, but it didn't help. I wanted to sit on him to hold him down while I got the buckles done. Poor Charlotte didn't know WHAT to do! Anyway, I finally got him buckled (thank goodness he can't undo the buckles once I get them latched) and shut the door. He opened it...I shut it...he opened it again. I told him NOT to that again, and shut it. I buckled Hailey in her seat and drove off, on our way to be late for swim lessons...again. As I made a left turn onto Stapley Talon opened his door again and it FLEW open, and he was SCARED. I pulled over, walked around the car and shut it. Luckily it scared the fit right out of him and he was very calm the rest of the ride, apologized to me when we got there and made it through his entire swim lesson without a hitch. I have since switched the child lock on the door so that won't happen again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Update: When I said "new" formula, I meant the GOLD that we've been giving her. =) Although, we have been able to get it quite a bit cheaper from Ebay than from the manufacturer (I just don't want to think about how the sellers are obviously getting the formula for free...we MUST be getting stolen formula). Anyway, we are paying about $25/can, which is the same as the other stuff costs to buy it in the store.
Here are a couple of recent pictures of Lacy. She's doing pretty dang good on the new formula. =) She even looks a little bit chubby in a couple of the pictures!And here is one of Hailey...because what's a blog without one right??

Party Pictures

Here are the pictures from Jocelyn's party...Blowing out the candles (even Hailey helped from that far away)Jocie and her friends playing Rock Band

Monday, June 9, 2008

Congratulations Jocie & Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday Uncle Martin and Cheryl threw Jocie a party at our house to celebrate her graduation and her 18th birthday! Everyone had a blast and the food was delicious! A special thanks to Mike and Mart for bringing Rock Band, and to my mom for helping watch the kids...we Love You! I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them downloaded...maybe tonight after swim lessons??

Update: I failed to get the pictures downloaded last night...maybe tonight. I also have one of Lacy smiling that I'll post too. =)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Uncle John's Birthday Party

Last weekend we had Uncle John's 60th birthday party at our house. Here are a few pictures from the celebration: P.S. Sorry you are decapitated in the pictures Marty, I really didn't do it on purpose...

And after we walked everyone out and realized Hailey was missing, this is were we found her...she really fell asleep like that! I guess she had a LOT of fun at the party!!

A fluke

Well, Lacy woke up for a bottle at about 4:00 this morning, so apparently the "all nighter" was a fluke. Still, 6 1/2 hours isn't bad. =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

All night!

Lacy had a bottle and went to bed around 9:30 last night and slept until 7:15! She woke up once around 5 and I gave her her pacifier and she went right back to sleep, so I assumed Joe gave her a bottle sometime during the night. This morning he said that he didn't wake up with her either. Talon was sleeping 10 hrs. a night right from the beginning, but it took longer for Hailey.
I guess Lacy wanted to let us know that now that's she's 8 weeks old, she's a big girl too. Although in the past couple of days Hailey's been saying, "Me not a big girl! a widduw girl!"
We'll see how permanant that was, or if Lacy was just pooped from going out to dinner with Donna and Brandon last night. She was so good at the restaurant. She just sat there and looked around the whole time, and we were at Oregano's, so you know how long that takes!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pool Fun!

Okay, so I was even more behind in my pictures than I thought. I started the previous post and it started to get so long, I decided to split them up. Here are some pictures of Joe playing with the kids in our pool.
Talon flipping

Hailey flipping

Talon diving

Hailey diving

Talon diving over daddy

Hailey diving over daddy

Some random pictures...

Lacy and her still blue eyes. She's starting to smile more often now, so maybe we'll get a picture of that soon.

Hailey posing for the camera

Cousin Ethan's 1st birthday

Talon, Hailey and Ethan after his birthday party

There could be an argument about who fell asleep first here. =)

What a cutie pie!

Hailey is feeding "her" baby Lacy

So, you can tell by who's in most of the pictures that Hailey really LOVES the camera. She loves getting her picture taken and then seeing the picture in the camera. In fact, she's looking over my shoulder right now saying "me see me, mommy".


We went to Payson for Memorial weekend, and had a great time! I only took a few pictures while we were there, but we got a couple of cute ones. Here is Talon at the park...

...Hailey at the park...

...Lacy at the park...

And Joe with the kids at the park. I think Talon and Joe are DONE!

Then, we walked over to the

and Joe took the kids swimming, while Lacy and I tried to stay cool in the shade.