Monday, July 14, 2008

Breakfast with Tara and Andy

So, as I mentioned in our last post, we had dinner with a second cousin of Joe's on Thursday night. Well, here's the reader's digest version of how we met them. A few weeks ago I got an email from Tara. She had recently "googled" her last name (Dairman) and found our blog. She showed it to her father and he said he was pretty sure he's a cousin of Joe's dad Dennis, and it turned out he is. Exciting huh? Her and her fiance, Andy, were planning a trip out this way (they live in New York) and fit us in to their plans. Go ahead, tease me about my blog now Joe! Anyway, the came out Thursday night and had dinner with as many of the Dairman's as we could get together on a weeknight, stayed at our house, and we took them to breakfast at Cracker's. Man, Andy can eat! Even Joe was impressed! Here is a picture we had someone take for us after breakfast. Sorry Lacy's not in the picture, but she's asleep in her car seat.

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TD said...

Yes, thank goodness for your blog! =)

I have been meaning to write you and Joe to say that not only was Crackers awesome, but we LOVED our sandwiches from Flancers. Oh my gosh, the chicken and prickly pear--I could eat a lot of those. The club was also awesome.

(Speaking of eating a lot, you saw Andy put away a lot of French toast at breakfast, but you didn't get to hear him complaining of a stomachache while we hiked at Saguaro! Lucky you.)

We ate so well in Mesa thanks to you guys!