Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Lacy!!

Lacy had her official 1/2 birthday on Thursday, and I took her to her appointment on Friday. She got three shots and had to drink the roto virus immunization. She weighed in at 14lbs 10oz. Her doctor said that she is the size of a 4 month old. She also had an ear infection in both ears. She's had a runny nose for about a week, and hasn't been sleeping very well, so I wasn't surprised about that.

He is concerned that she hasn't gained much weight (I'm going to have to look up what she weighed at 4 months) and said that we should already be at stage 2 foods with her. We have only been giving her rice cereal because the oatmeal was causing constipation. Plus, the brand of rice cereal we've been giving her apparently has milk proteins in it. Bad mommy. Bad substitute doctor we saw last time. We don't like him, and we won't see him again.

Anyway, we are supposed to introduce three new "stage one" foods a week until she has had them all. I don't remember doing that until the others were six months old, but I guess her weight is the main concern now. She is in the 25%, and I think I remember she was in the 50% last time.

Over the weekend she tried Sweet Potatoes (which she loved) and Peaches (which she did not).
UPDATE: I just looked it up and she was in the 25% in both her height and weight last she is 25% in weight and 50% in height. I think that's better right?? Anyway, different doctors = different opinions.


laurie said...

It sounds to me like she has steadily gained, she's just tiny! I always started my kids on jar food around 6 months. Very sad about her ears. Antibiotics are amazing. Happy 1/2 Birthday to Lacy!

Yve said...

I have to agree with the doctor. It sounds like she is longer, stats wise, and the same weight, states wise. This would result in her being skinner. :-) Either way she is very pretty and looks like a little angel. Good luck with her ears.