Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tag...I'm it.

Thanks Tawna, I was just thinking that I didn't have enough to do today. :-)

5 Things That I Was Doing Ten Years Ago:
1. Buying my first, very own home
2. Working at NHC
3. Dating Joe
4. Eating out all of the time instead of cooking every night!
5. A LOT less laundry!

5 Things On My "To Do" List For Today:
1. Pick up the kids and go to the gym
2. Pick up the whole house (the cleaning ladies are coming tomorrow)
3. At least one load of laundry...
4. Glue that dang bow I made last night onto a clippie so it can finally be finished! (That one was a stinker!!)
5. Spend some time with my amazing husband!

5 Things I Like To Snack On: (that are allowed on this diet)
1. String cheese
2. Peanuts
3. Carb smart ice cream bars
4. Pickles
5. I can't think of another one...

5 Things That I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire:
1. Bring Tim, Tina and the boys home for Christmas.
2. Take the whole family to Germany to visit Tim, Tina and the boys.
3. Pay off debt (the whole family's?? depending on on many millions we're talking about. :))
4. Remodel my bathroom
5. Save a bunch for my kids college funds.

5 Places That I Have Lived:
1. Mesa, Arizona
2. Chandler, Arizona
3. Gilbert, Arizona
4. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

5 Jobs That I Have Had:
1. Attitude's - waitress
2. Serigraphia (printing business in FL)
3. NHC - Staff Accountant
4. APEXCapital - Account Manager (current)
5. MOMMY & Softball Coach (current)

5 People That I Tag:
1. Laurie
2. Jennifer
3. Tairi
4. Courtney
5. Molly (you eventually have to write SOMETHING on that brand new blog!)


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