Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Weekend - Hair, Bows and Softball

OK, so I started a new hobby. First I went HERE and bought some headbands because, well...let's be a little realistic...there is NO WAY I could make those. :-) Then I made some bows. Here is my first attempt being modeled by Princess Hailey. (Please excuse the chocolate under her mouth). She normally won't let me put any flowers or bows in her hair without a LOT of persuasion, but she liked this one so much she wouldn't even let me take it out when she went to sleep last night.I wasn't pleased with my button choices at the house, so we made a trip to Micheals, and here is my second attempt being modeled by Lacy. I think this one turned out MUCH cuter.Here is a variation of a hairdo that I found HERE. Joe told me that he thought it was one of the cuter ones we've done. Awesome, because it was one of the easiest ones too, even though my parts were horribly crooked. I also played softball on Saturday. Our tournament was in Anthem, and dang was it cold!! We played at 2:00 (really nice), 4:00 (getting chilly), and 5:00 (are you kidding me with this cold?) Joe brought the kids to the last game and they were sooo cold they ended up taking cover in the stands by the field next to ours. The wind was CRAZY and we weren't prepared for that at all!

Oh yeah, we sucked and lost all three of our games. :-(


laurie said...

You are crazy with the hair stuff. I always wanted to be, but just didn't have it in me, neither did my kids. I chased Katy around for 20 min trying to re-put a headband on her. Hailey is so good to let you do all that to her hair. I'm sure Lacy will be just as good since they do what their big sisters do!

Dairmans said...

That’s funny…I chased Hailey just this morning trying to get her to let me at least BRUSH her hair before we got in the car…she only sits for me at night after her bath. =) We don’t do her hair everyday, only when she wants to, which makes it MUCH better.

And yesterday we were in the car for about 2 minutes when Lacy started crying. I asked Hailey why Lacy was crying, and she said her bow was in her mouth. I turned around and sure enough she had grabbed the bow and pulled the whole headband down and into her mouth and was chewing on it. =)