Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Schnepf Farms

Last Saturday night we took the family to Schnepf Farms and had a great time. We didn't take too many pictures because we were just standing in lines most of the time. Talon went on the Bee ride with TJ and had a blast, but I couldn't get a good picture of them. :( Hailey rode with her dad, and I made them pick a bee right in front of me so that I could get a picture before the ride started. I don't know if you can tell, but that's a thumbs up from Hailey.Our kids REALLY wanted to go on the roller coaster, even though we told them that they would be scared. We stood in that line for about 45 minutes and Talon started crying LOUD as soon as it was over. He promised Joe that next time he'll believe us we tell him that he'll be scared. Hailey was a little bit better and didn't cry, but after the first time around (it goes 3 times) she said, "I want my daddy." I assured her that I would not let her go, and after it was over she told me that she did NOT like dat ride! While we were in line for the roller coaster Talon "borrowed" my camera and took some pictures. These pictures are unedited (except for a little red eye removal).
He is available for your wedding, or any other event if you need a good photographer who gets very excited when he takes pictures of dirt, the wheel of the stroller, his (or strangers) shoes, the back of strangers heads or garbage. He is very good at getting the main object in the center though. :-)
Adelina & JackieTJ, Lilly, JJ & FrankieLilly's baby NoahWhat Lacy and I look like from Talon's viewpoint

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