Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pool Party in October!!

Come swimming for the last time this year!! We've had the solar cover on the pool, but this will probably be the last weekend to enjoy it. Our pool, jacuzzi and BBQ grill will be open from 11:00-4:00, and then Joe will go to the ASU game and the rest of us will head over to Freestone Park for the Halloween Bash. Let me know if you can make it!!


Christine said...

hi it Christine,
Thanks for your comments on my bow blog! I am looking to get the price of the bow holder down, I need to find a place where i can buy those letters wholesale! and its a little heavy too! so I have to include the shipping on my price! I hope I can get it down! stay posted! and thanks foe looking! your girls are very cute! and boys too! :)

Christine said...

sorry that was it IS Christine ;)

and thanks FOR looking! I guess i should check my spelling before i post it! hehe o were did my grammar go? I guess when I had kids and stopped having "grown-up" conversation! LOL