Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yeah Hailey!!

Hailey is finally potty trained!! Here she is showing off her princess dishes she got for completing her potty chart.And here is a shot of my first attempt at a new hairdo we tried that night. I missed an entire step, but it was still cute

Right now Hailey is at her first day of preschool. She's been doing so well, and I'm pretty confident that she won't have any accidents while she's there, but Joe was going to have her go potty right when she gets there just to make sure. ;)

Talon did great yesterday at his first day! He said he had a good time and brought home a picture that he colored and some worksheets he did. He said that they learned the letter L and he ate a ladybug cookie.

I'm working on the post about the week with the Schomakers, but it's a long one...


Erica said...

Did Hailey's head hurt when you took out all the rubber bands? It was so cute!

Dairmans said...

She didn’t cry when I took those out, but the ones for her birthday were in from Friday night all the way until after swim lessons last night. She didn’t appreciate me taking those out…AT ALL! In fact, she didn’t even let me finish. I think next time I’ll let her shower first and condition it REALLY well before I try...maybe I should try to cut them out instead of unwrapping them too??