Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diving for toys

Talon, Sydney and Hailey were sitting on the love seat at the deep end of the pool. Talon was dropping his dive toy and then "practicing" jumping off the seat and diving down to the bottom to get it. He's getting really good at it, and comes up with it just about every time. Sydney said that she wanted a turn and Talon said no, so after I told him he had to give her a turn, he reluctantly let her go. She jumped off the seat and swam around, but never really got more than about a foot under water. Talon laughed, and then took his turn again. After he came up and dropped the toy again, Sydney said it was her turn again. Talon laughed and said, "OK, go ahead duffus!"


laurie said...

Gee, who ever uses THAT word??? Funny what our kids pick up.

Jennifer said...