Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom & Dave!!

My mom and brother share a birthday on August 9th, so since neither of them have a blog I can sabotage, like Jennifer's, I just wanted to take a moment to let them both know how great I think they are.

Dave - 5 things I love about you

1. You have been a wonderful, loving father ever since the day Tyler was born.2. You always put family first, and were one of the first people to come over when we brought each one of our kids home from the hospital.

You & Erica with TalonYou & HaileyYou & Lacy
3. You are very hardworking.

4. You are always there when I need your help. Like when, while we were out of town, our HUGE tree fell on our house. You came over with dad and helped Joe get it off without completely ruining the roof, although I think you were trying with that rock! And you always make time to come work on our computer when it is sucking.

5. You are more like dad than even you know, and hopefully Tyler will get some of the sense of humor and honesty that you both share. What a great little man you are helping to raise!

Mom - 5 things I love about you

First of all, wow, it was hard to find some pictures of you. I guess you do stay behind the camera more than I thought!

1. You have set a great example to your children and grandchildren about how important family is. 2. You take wonderful care of your grandchildren. I don't know how we would do it without you!3. You have taught me to be thrifty, and not live beyond my means.

4. You always put others first.

5. You love it when I meet you for church, but are very understanding when I don't make it.

Thank you both so much for being the wonderful people that you are!! I hope you both had a wonderful birthday!

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Erica said...

This is my favorite blog post yet! Mostly because it points out many of the reasons I love your brother. I am lucky to have him in my life, and as the father of our awesome little boy. Thanks for writing this one!