Wednesday, August 6, 2008

California - Disneyland

Here are some pictures we took while we were at Disneyland. We were very lucky to have Charlotte (and Florence if she hadn't gotten sick) offer to keep Lacy for the day so we could take the two older kids to Disneyland. They had a GREAT time!

When we first entered the park we saw Mickey Mouse, so we got a family picture (minus Lacy of course) with himAnd we got one of Jono with his kidsThen we were off! We rode the Dumbo ride. Don't worry I got in there with Hailey after I took the picture. =)We drove the carsRode in The Tea Cups

We rode in the pink monkey cage on the trainTook a boat rideThen we split up and Joe took the boys to Toon Town and Jono and I took the girls to see the princesses. We stood in a horrible, hot, long, slow, ridiculous line FOREVER to see them. When we finally got to see them Hailey would NOT go over to get her picture taken. So, I'm going to post the beautiful pictures Ava took with them instead.

First, we met Snow WhiteThen, we met MulanThe third princess was Cinderella who is one of Ava's favoritesBelle also came out to take Cinderella's spot, but we were not allowed to go backwards and get a picture with her too. Now if you ask Hailey what she did at Disneyland all she'll talk about is the princesses! Go figure, she wouldn't get near them, but they were definitely her favorite part. Also, the couple in front of us in that disgustingly slow line only had one child...a four month old baby! I was shocked that they stood in that awful line for so long for a baby the same age as we left home! I couldn't believe it, I was wondering if the line was even worth it for Hailey and they were in it for a baby! Jono and I were both shocked and amazed. But, when they got to the princesses they all got in the picture and it was just as great for them as it was for Ava.

After we left the princesses, we went to meet Joe and the boys back at Toon Town. While we were killing time waiting for them... ...we saw Minnie Mouse. Hailey's favorite! She was so excited, but she still wouldn't go over there by herself, so here is a picture of both of us with Minnie Then, after we rode another ride with the kids, we headed back to watch Princess Jasmine have story time with the kids. I didn't get a picture of her, but after it was over Talon went down to get a crown (not a tiara) from a maiden. He was in line down there and when I looked over she was squatting down talking to him for a long time. They were talking forever and he gave her a hug when they were done. So, here's Talon's girlfriend he met at Disneyland:And here is the Gavinator:

After that we went and watched the parade before heading back over to ride Buzz Lightyear one more time before going home. And that was our day at Disneyland

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