Wednesday, August 6, 2008

California - Beach

I finally went through all of our pictures from California last night, and it took me nearly THREE hours! I still have too many. So, I decided to split them up into a few different posts to make it a little bit easier....for me. :-)
Here is the first group of pictures:
Our family at the beach in Oceanside

Front row in the sand:Ava, Payton, Gavin, Jonothan, Giovanni and Christopher In the water in the background: Carina and Charles

Lacy at the beach.

Talon in the COLD water with his dad.

Talon got buried up to his neck and he like it so much that he said he wanted to stay there "until we go home" So, we put a shade over his head and let him stay there. He stayed there for so long, by the time he got out his feet hurt.

This is a great picture I got of Jono falling after attempting to skin board. It was so great, I couldn't help but post it. It was great to have Florence, her husband Mike and their three kids; Jessica, Giovanni and Jonothan on the trip with us!
Here is Grandpa Dairman with Talon and Ava running from the waves
The whole gang! We had a man next to us take this one...I can't beleive we got one of EVERYONE in it!
Everyone is in this one except for Jill (who is taking the picture) and her daughter Lauren

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