Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our week with the Schomakers

Now that I've finally finished this post, I realize that I should have broken it down into about 5 or 6 seperate posts, but there is NO WAY I'm going to redo it now!! ENJOY! We sure did!!

Monday, August 18:
Dinner at mom and dads.
Even though the Schomakers and mom got back from CA late Sunday night, mom still invited us over for dinner. It was crazy!! It has been a while since mom, dad, their kids and grandkids were all together. It was not a quiet evening, but it was great to have everyone together.
Since I didn't bring my camera with me that night, I decided to post a cute picture of Lacy eating cereal for the first time...she's so dang cute!! (Tawna is that your towel on the chair)
Tuesday, August 19:
Party at our house!
Mom said she wanted to watch our kids at our house so that Tim, Tina and the boys could all come with her and go swimming. When I got home from work, there was a full fledged party going on. Other than my mom and my kids and the Schomakers; Jennifer had brought her kids, Erica was there with Tyler, Aunt Susan and Shawna were there with her kids, and my dad was there too. Luckily my mom had made enough chicken and stuffing (Joe's favorite recipe) for everyone! As my dad said we have the "party house", and we love having everyone over!!
Swimming Talon & JoshMattShawna & Aiden; Jennifer & Braden; Erica & Tyler and Talon on some noodlesSydney, Lacy & HaileyLacySydney, Hailey, Josh & Matt in the playhouse
Wednesday, August 20:
Rainforest Cafe:
Jennifer, Sydney, Braden, me, Joe, Talon, Hailey, Lacy, Tim, Tina, Josh and Matt. Tina even bought two more shirts! =) Since it takes about 5 hours to get your food there, we went for a little walk around the restaurant.

Here is Josh, Sydney (covering her ears), Matt and TalonThe kids on the goofy bar chairs shaped like animals (with Sydney still covering her ears)Matt on a FrogHailey on a ZebraJosh and Matt in front of the ElephantsJennifer and Braden
Thursday, August 21:
Family pictures.
We always go to the same place...Portrait Innovations in Chandler. The people there are always really nice, and great with the kids. They always have someone working with the person taking pictures, in order to try to keep the kids entertained and happy during the shoot. After about two hours of pictures and sorting through them all. We walked across the parking lot to Jason's Deli for dinner while they were printing the pictures we ordered, and Tim and Tina went on their way for a "date night". The guy at Portrait Innovations said that he would call us when they were done printing, but instead he brought them to us while we were eating! They are so great there!!
The whole color coded gangGrandma & Grandpa with the grandkidsOur FamilyTalon, Hailey & LacyJen's FamilySydney & BradenTina's FamilyJosh & MattDavid's FamilyTylerThe girls...and the boys
Let's go eat!!
Friday, August 22:
Sadly, we didn't see the Schomakers on Friday because we were busy getting ready for Hailey's birthday party.

Saturday, August 23:
Hailey's birthday party!! We had EVERYONE over on Saturday to celebrate Hailey's 3rd Birthday! It was pretty much an open house from about 11:15-9:00pm. Joe cooked hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, salmon and once again there was WAY too much food.

Mike, Mart (with a head this time) Diane, Courtney and EthanLacy, Josh, Matt & TimMart and Zach driving the Barbie JeepsBlowing out the candlesEating cakeHailey, that's not eyeshadow, it's lipglossDoesn't she make a great Princess?Playing with her new toys (this is my 2nd attempt at that hairdo from her potty chart picture)Hailey and her "best friends" playing with her new toys, and makeup (Thanks Angel!)
Sunday, August 24:
We met Tim, Tina, Josh, Matt, Dave, Erica, Tyler, Jennifer, Sydney and Braden at Chuck-E-Cheese for lunch. Hailey is still afraid of the guy in the suit, but she loves the rides!
Tim left for home Monday morning, becuase he had to be back to work on Wednesday. Tina and the boys are still here though, because she wanted to get the kids to a dentist here in the states. Apparently they had a horrible experience in Germany, so they wanted to take care of some cavities before they headed home. Also, Tina has had a terrible cough for weeks now, and went to the doctor to find out what's wrong. They took chest x-rays and she'll have her results on Wednesday. It looks like they are going to be here until Saturday!! Yeah!!


laurie said...

whew, that was a long one. How exciting to have so much family around. Her hair really was cute and I LOVE the picture of Lacy with cereal hanging out of her mouth!

The Jones Six said...

When Joe gets his picture taken with no shoes, it makes me feel weird inside. I have no idea why, must be those long nights playing Raiden. I know, it makes you weep. Me too. Those were good times.

Cassie Kerby said...

CUTE PICTURES!!! Wow you were busy!