Wednesday, August 6, 2008

California - House in Carlsbad

Here are some shots of the family hanging out together at the house we rented in Carlsbad. Jono brought his Rock Band and it was a huge hit with everyone.
Here is Christopher, Jonothan and Giovanni playing
Gavin on the guitar
Another GREAT shot of Jono
Florence and Hailey watched
Lacy didn't mind, she just covered her eyes and kept sleeping through it all
Florence's stepdaughter Jessica
These three were always together at the house until Lauren had to go home
The boys actually stood still long enough to get a picture of them!!
Florence and Jessica share a birthday, so Charlotte made them a cake and we celebrated with them on Friday before they had to catch their plane home Saturday morning
Talon's favorite part...even better than EATING the cake!! Charlotte and Dennis took Talon to Sea World with Ava, so we took Hailey and Lacy to a park in the neighborhood. I told Hailey to go stand by the pretty flowers and she picked the flowers and did this pose all by herself...what a natural!
Lacy smiling at the park Here are all the kids (and Jill because Hailey wouldn't go over there by herself) at the park for a BarbequeAva and Hailey playing strip poker...I mean painting...topless


Mower Power said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! How's school going?

laurie said...

Whew, I thought something had happened to you! Gotta love Disneyland! You are so lucky to have a great family, sounds like you had tons of fun. Glad you're back!