Thursday, August 7, 2008

All About Me!

We are finally getting around to this - Thanks Maximus! :-)

TaLoN rEeD dAiRmAn
Name/meaning behind it: Talon/a birds claw; Reed/after Reed Smith (daddy's friend)
Age: 4
Birthdate: February 25th
Nicknames: I wasn't sure if he knew what nickname means, so I asked him what people call him other than Talon and he said, "Talon Reed Dairman". I asked him what else they call him and he said, "Talon". So, I'll answer this one. When he was a baby we called him booger, because seriously! Now we call him bud or buddy.
Favorite Activity(-ies): "Play dress up with Hailey *laughing*, lay down on the big coach and on my big bed in my room."
Favorite Food(s): "macaroni & cheese & hot dogs & green beans & cereal & beets"
Least Favorite Food(s): "meatballs & poop" (We are totally cracking up now)
Favorite Music: "The itsy bitsy spider" I asked him who he likes to sing it and he said, "Hailey".
Favorite Toy(s): "A motorcycle and that light saber at the store and that motorcycle - I'm going to buy that tomorrow."
Favorite Book(s): Cars - Out for a Spin (This was a very long process...he couldn't think of one, so he left the room to go find one. The first time he came back with a bear and laughed. Then he was gone for a long time and he was over there putting all of the car magnets back in the book and told me to leave because he was going to bring me that book)
Favorite item(s) of clothing: "superman and batman pajamas"
What makes me happy: "Smiles, taking pictures and playing with cars"
What makes me sad: "That you don't say what I say and when you laugh at me"

Since this is all about Talon, I'll share a conversation in the car on the way home today.
Talon: Maybe we should go to Target
Me: Why
Talon: Because I'm hungry

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Tairi said...

what a funny kid! I like when he said "that light saber at the store!" hahaha