Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool Update

Talon goes on M,W,F
Hailey goes on T, TH

Both of the kids love telling me what they did in preschool everyday. After Talon's first day the conversation was pretty easy, because Hailey wanted to listen too.

But Tuesday, after Hailey's first day, when I asked her what she did, Talon kept interupting her to pipe in what he did there too, and she would yell at him, "Sannan, me talking to mommy!" I had to tell him that today was her day at school and it was his turn to listen.

Then yesterday when I asked Talon about his day again, Hailey kept interrupting with comments like, "me do dat too" and Talon got really frustrated with those kids can argue in the car! I tried taking turns asking them the same questions and letting them take turns answering, and that sort of worked.

I just hope they don't get tired of telling me what they did, because I love to hear it, even if I do have to play referee. =)

Oh yeah, Hailey has started running away from me whenever I get out the rubberbands. I guess I did too much too fast. I'll guess I'll have to give her a break for a while. ;-P
Last night I cut a bunch of flowers off of their stems and hot glued them on clips, so I'm ready when she is!

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laurie said...

That's great, it doesn't take long for them to hate getting their hair done. I love preschool, it's really so good for them in so many ways.