Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I just wanted to take a minute to write down a few things that are going on with our family these these days. If you are the kind of person who hates those "journal" blogs, you can skip this one. :-) Here's a family picture we took on Thanksgiving at Aunt Susan and Uncle Mark's house...yep that was the best one.Lacy turned 8 months old yesterday. She is eating stage 2 foods at least three times a day now. I think she is spitting up less, but Joe thinks more. She hasn't had SUCH a hard time pooping as she used to, but it is EVERYWHERE...and often. She laughs a lot and loves it when her brother and sister play with her. P.S. Aunt Kate, her eyes are STILL blue! ;P
She is still not sleeping through the night, and does NOT put herself back to sleep when she wakes up. Joe and I have tried to let her cry it out, but she is in our room, and it is much easier to give her back her pacifier and then go back to sleep than to hear her cry. We are weak...and tired, and she is just too cute to let cry...right??
Hailey's speech has improved. I think more people understand what she is saying. Now, when I have a conversation on the phone with her, I don't have to completely fake that I know what she is saying. She still has problems with saying "I" instead of "me", but that will come with time. What I am more worried about is that she still can't make the G (ghu) sound or the K (khu) sound AT ALL.
Every morning when she wakes up she says, "Where is me doneen". On Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays she goes to Leah's house, and on Tuesdays & Thursdays she gets to go to preschool and then to Grandma Horihan's house. She likes those days much better, so every morning she wants to know where she's doneen, so she can say, "me no want to dou to Leah's."

She is also getting more used to getting her hair done. :-) We have started fixing her hair in the mornings instead of at night now. That's why I haven't posted any pictures lately. There just isn't the same amount of time in the mornings...usually daddy is waiting in the car with the others while I'm finishing up. :-)
Talon is growing up so fast, but still has his moments. He has become very independent with his clothes. I remember when we couldn't get him to dress himself because he would get frustrated and cry. He dresses himself just about every morning.In the evenings, right when we get home he says, "I know, I know, upstairs, pull-up, pajamas, couch." Yep, he still wears a pull-up. I'm not sure he will EVER not need one. That kid sleeps so hard he never wakes up to go...not sure what to do about that. Maybe if he is dehydrated when he goes to sleep? Seriously, the number of times he has overflowed the pull-up is ridiculous. Here's a shot of him completely asleep sitting up (well sort of).
He has also been having a pretty hard time leaving places lately. It doesn't matter where we are, or where we are going - he doesn't ever want to leave. He has made mommy and daddy pretty upset with that lately, but since we're just figuring things out as we go, we haven't been able to change it yet.

Talon has really been fun this Christmas season. He is still very upset that we don't have a tree up yet, and keeps telling us everyone else who has a tree already. He got to help Mrs. Rogers decorate the tree at preschool and can't stop thinking about it. He thinks we are never going to get one, and makes us keep promising we will.
Joe and I decided to get a nice pre-lit tree this year, instead of paying a bunch of money every year to throw one away, but then we saw the prices!! Wow!! I had no idea they were that much money. Maybe we'll need to get a real one again this year and get a deal on one after Christmas to use for years to come. Will we save enough money to make that plan worth it? I think we have a small fake one in one of the attics...maybe that will do this year.


laurie said...

I love journal entries. Very cute pictures. Crying it out only works when they understand what's going on. Get some sleep! I used to have a pee alert that sounded like your fire alarm that helped Stephen stop wetting the bed. It only took about a week. As for the tree, wait and buy one after Christmas, sometimes even just a few days before . I got my favorite tree 1/2 off on Christmas Eve.

Taylor K said...

I bought a tree for the office last year at Target for $99 and it still looks good this year! I'll email you a photo. BTW, if you ever need a sitter, let me know. I nannied for 6 kids when I went to school in Flagstaff and miss being around the kiddos!

Sharron said...

Love the post and and the pics. Jon and I have been slowly planting the Huish Family Forest. We get a live on, in the pot, each year and then Jon has so much fun, not, planting it. The one in the front yard was from our first Christmas in this home! Took poor 12 year old Rob 4 months to dig that big old hole with a pick and shovel!

This year I will dig the hole for him and that will be my gift. Don't worry, Stephen said that I can borrow the jack hammer from the business for the caliche. That will be pretty funny no doubt!


I Love your blog! (I don't even know how I found it.. but I'm pretty much a blog stalker!!) Your kids are adorable you have such a cute family- I can't believe you have 3 kids!! So fun! ~ Dawn :)

Cassie Kerby said...

Such a cute family picture! Beautiful kiddos! Happy Holidays!