Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays??

I started this post yesterday afternoon and didn't post it because I wanted to add some pictures to it.

What a stressful time! I can't believe Christmas is one week away!!

Our Christmas shopping is not nearly completed, our wrapping is not even started. I think I need about a month to get it all done. Since we have three kids, we had to draw three names in each gift exchange. I don't know how Laurie does it with NINE!

We bought our tree and decorated it. It was crazy! The tree I picked out was not in stock, and the one that was in stock was not displayed. I was desperate, so I bought it anyway. It spins! All the way around! Normally the front gets the bulk of the decorations, but not this time. The whole tree needed to be covered evenly. We need more bulbs, and a topper that an angel...does not have a backside?? Maybe one of those cool 3D stars??
The kitchen is decorated with ribbons and bows. I think it looks really cute, but Joe said that my ribbon looked a little like Valentine's Day.Hmmm, I guess he's right! I went and bought the towels and rug to go with them to PROVE to myself that this looked like Christmas. :-)
None of the manger scenes are out of their boxes. I was a little worried about where to put them so that they wouldn't get broken, and now I feel like it's too late.

We are going to dinner and to see the temple lights with my mom and Charlotte, Dennis, Jono, Gavin & Ava on Friday.

Santa Clause comes to the Mullin's (the family I coach with at Seton) every year. It's happening this Saturday. It's great because we all bring pre-wrapped gifts for our kids and secretly stuff them in a garbage bag out front, so that when he comes in he has gifts for everyone. As he pulls them out his bag he calls that kid up to sit on his lap and get a gift. I have been looking forward to it this year because I think, for the first time, my kids aren't going to be too scared to sit on his lap. I thought we had the whole night open, but then found out we have the Smith's Christmas celebration in Queen Creek the same time on the same day. Grrr. I suck. We're going to see Santa first, make sure my kids are up first, hopefully get a couple of good pictures, and then head from Mesa to Queen Creek in time for that gift exchange. We're going to miss dinner with them, but I know they'll understand.

That means I need to have 6 gifts purchased and wrapped before Saturday. As of now I have 4 purchased and 0 wrapped.

We are having dinner at my parent's house on Sunday to celebrate my birthday a little bit early.

I am also working on the 2009 family calendar so that I can pass it out on Christmas. That is always a lot more work that I intend it to be. Next year I will start the stupid calendar in June.

I really love Christmastime, but it sure is a whole lot of work. Next year I will do better, and get started a whole lot earlier. :-)

We met Donna and Brandon for dinner last night and Donna offered to come help me wrap gifts. Yay!! Joe took the kids to the gym with him, and Donna picked up Joy and they came over to help me. Joe had to drive the kids around looking at Christmas lights after they left the gym, but we got all of our kids presents wrapped. Joy set up one of my manger scenes. I feel so much better about everything now. :0) You can even see some of the presents we wrapped behind the tree in the picture I took last night.
After Donna and Joy left, I got the brownies made for Talon's Christmas party. I also attempted to finish wrapping the exchange gifts, but ran out of tape.
I went upstairs and worked on the calendar some more...endless!

I didn't climb in bed until 12:45 and didn't even watch any TV!

Joe is at Target right now picking up what we still need for Talon and the last gift exchange present. Joe is awesome! Donna and Joy are awesome!! Even Brandon is awesome for picking up the cellophane we needed on his way from the gym last night.
This is what it should feel like...ahhhh!


International Seo Services said...
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laurie said...

I have a poem for you. I will post it on my blog. Breathe and it will all be ok. I start in September. By the way, Christmas is at Kyle and Kristi's if that is any help time wise.

Charles and Courtney said...

What a cute idea with the ribbon on your cupboards. I may have to steal that for next year. Hope you get all the things done that you need to. Oh by the way I left Talon's present at Dennis and Charlotte's house yesterday in the guest bedroom.