Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Pictures

For my birthday I wanted to get some family pictures. Jackie and Adelina were kind enough to come over and take some for us. Out of approximately 724 pictures, here are the best.

...And it's over
The kidsThe money shot!Close-up!! Enough is enough! Hailey just got up and sat on the couch, Lacy fell over and Talon started asking if we were done yet.
Lacy was still game for a few more
And even gave me a big 'ole smile!!
Hailey took this picture of me and Lacy playing


Cassie Kerby said...

Darling kids!! You look great! I can't believe your baby is so young and you look that good, way to go!!!!

JIll said...

Those turned out so cute. At my house it is not the kids complaining, it is Jason :) It is like pulling teeth! Awesome picts!

pawlowski said...

Cute pictures!! I love them!!