Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday/Christmas List

**I had to update my list because a lot of the items from Gap were not there anymore. :-( But, as promised I will keep adding things to the list as I think of/find them.**

Holy Cow!! I LOVE etsy.com!! It's just like Ebay...only WAY better!! Everything on there is hand made. MAN there are A LOT of really talented people out there! I was lOOking around and found these bags and I fell in love with them, but Joe would probably be jealous if I bought one, so I had an idea.

I ALWAYS have a TERRIBLE time coming up with a list in December. I NEVER know what to tell anyone. I decided to keep a list here and add to it as I find things that I feel like I CANNOT live WITHOUT. Every once in a while I'll bring this post back up to the top.

I would like to invite those of you who are on my Birthday/Christmas list to do the same on your blog...

1. THIS awesome bag from PinkLemonadeBags (or pretty much any other bag there :-))

2. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (16.9 oz pump), Dermal Clay Cleanser (16.9 oz pump) and Skin Prep Scrub. The cheapest place I could find them online is at http://www.whatgreatskin.com/. Apparently you can get these at Ulta Cosmetics too, but I don't know what the prices are like there.

3. Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. (Joe you can order it from Mrs. Dodaro @ Seton) She usually answers the phone.

OLD NAVY.COM - All sizes Large (and Tall if available) unless otherwise noted.
4-11. This in fawn, this (8 1/2, Stainless Steel), this (dove white), because maybe it'll be cheaper around Christmas time, and it's really cute! Also these tank tops...in every. single. color. Yay! This shirt in whatever color you like best because I like them all. This in earl gray, this in grey and this skirt in white or brown.

More OLD NAVY.COM - Clearance items
12-14. These shirts - I would love any color that is still there (except the green and orange ones). These - I like all the colors except that bright yellow one. :o) These are also on clearance - my favorite colors are hollyhock, charcoal, dark chocolate, khaki, pacifica or black - but ONLY if they are available in Tall.

P.S. Joe - this list is not for you...as we are not getting eachother Christmas gifts this year, and I know you already got my Birthday present. ;0)


laurie said...

You're right... way cute! Good idea on the christmas list thing. I told Glade to buy me this one book for christmas but I couldn't wait so I bought it myself. I suck like that.

Erica said...

I've never heard of that website. I'll have to check it out!

Erica said...

Dang you for leading me to Etsy! I've been on there since I saw this post! Could there be more cool stuff?!

Sharron said...

I lover your wish list idea! Poor Jon gets nagged to death every year and agonizes because he can never seem to find just the right one ... could it be Christnas Eve is not the best time to shop?!?!?

This year it is all "Honey-dos" poor guy ;-)

Mind if I copy your idea?

Sharron said...

Jon & I were not even thinking about gifts for each other, but today I found the cutest little thing at Big Lots and just had to get it for him. Gags (loving) don't count, right?