Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weigh In

Some family and friends have been asking me how much weight I have lost so far on this stupid Atkins diet. (I know, I've been telling my kids over and OVER lately not to say "stupid" but it really is!!) I first posted about this on Wednesday, July 23rd, after I had been on the diet for about 5 days. I think this link will take you there if you don't remember:

Anywho, I weighed myself this morning and I am officially 10 pounds away from my pre-(Lacy)pregnancy weight, and I have reached my pre-(Talon) and pre-(Hailey)pregnancy weight. So, I weigh the same as I did before I had any kids...but not at my lowest adult weight yet. I still have one more jean size in the boxes that I can't get into yet. :-P

According to my Body Mass Index (BMI) I am BARELY in the healthy range. I would LOVE to loose at least 20 more pounds. According to the chart I could lose 42 more pounds and still be healthy!! I'm not trying to own the runway people!! I'm just trying not to be the biggest person in the room at all times. =)

As far as this stupid diet...yep it sucks, but don't all diets suck? I have considered switching to a low calorie thing instead on many occasions, but I'm worried about what will happen if I stop this one cold turkey. Nothing good I'm sure. Since I'm having such good results I think I'll stick with it a little bit longer and see if I can just lose all of my taste buds entirely, then it won't be so bad. I have, however, considerably slowed down on my weight loss in the past few weeks, so I am going to start being more careful of my calorie intake too...which will only make this suck more!!


laurie said...

That's awesome, but you never said HOW much you have lost. I hate those indexes as well. My goal is the very top of my healthy range. I'm sure I would feel fabulous about 15 lbs even higher than that. I'm impressed that you have stuck with it, I never could.

Tairi said...

GOOD JOb Kathy! You look great! This diet does suck but the results ARE great. Remember all those people who said you shouldnt do it? Well I am glad you stuck with it. I have been out of the blogging world for a while so I had so much to catch up on! I love your new fam pictures...and how your shirts go so well with your background!

Dairmans said...

I gained 51 pounds when I was pregnant with Lacy.