Thursday, September 25, 2008

It rained

It rained in our house last night. No, I didn't say it rained at our house, I said it rained in our house!!

After we got home from watching Kino win their football game last night (Kent Smith has a stepson on the team) Hailey and I took a shower downstairs and Joe took Lacy upstairs for a bath. I was fixing Hailey's hair and Joe was getting Lacy ready for bed. I heard some water in the laundry room. It sounded like rain. I went in and saw water pouring out of the fan in the ceiling. I threw towels down and put a bucket under it. Joe ran upstairs.

Wait, let me backup. We do not have a plug kids bathroom sink anymore. Joe removed it when Talon became obsessed with plugging it, putting his favorite toy of the day in it, turning the water on (so his toy can take a shower) and leaving the room. We had some very close calls Joe removed the plug.

OK, back upstairs. Talon had put a small plastic cup in the sink to plug it. There was at least two inches of water on the bathroom floor. Joe turned the water off, threw the cup out of the bathroom and went to get Talon (who had obviously completely forgotten about the toy and was playing with something else by now). Joe put him in the bathroom. Showed him what he had done, did some yelling, gave him some towels, and made him start cleaning it up. Talon cried and wiped, cried and wiped.

After that floor was dry and there was a fan blowing on the carpet, we headed back downstairs. Same thing down there. Cried and wiped, cried and wiped. When that room was done, Joe told him to go sit on the timeout couch. He did.

Joe took the lid off the fan (to help it dry out?) and went back upstairs. Everything under the sink was ruined. So much for our extra toilet paper. Joe called Talon upstairs to help clean that too. Hailey and I had resumed fixing her hair, as she told me, "me beneen good mommy, baby Acy beenen good, Sannon make biiiiig mess!" Way to sum it up Hailey.

As Talon came downstairs again he looked at me, with his head hung low, and said, "I can't believe I'm going back in time out", then he dragged himself back to the couch. When Joe was done cleaning up he came downstairs, let Talon come out of timeout, had him apologize and put him to bed.

I don't think Talon is going to give his toys showers anymore. We can probably put the plug back in the sink, but I think I'll give it some more time, just in case!


Erica said...

Wow...that's quite the story! I hope nothing is permanently damaged. Glad to hear he cleaned up his mess. It sounds like Talon learned his lesson though! :-)Boys....

JIll said...

Holy Crap! It must run in the Dairman genes to "water" the inside of the house. Judge has watered the downstairs at least 4 times that I can recall. I hope that everything will dry and will not cause any damage. Good for Joe who made him clean it all up, the only way kids will learn.

laurie said...

Aww Man, there's not much worse than flooded floors. I think Joe handled it really well though and hopefully that will be the last time (I wouldn't bet the farm on it though).

Mower Power said...

I am glad that this kind of crazy crap doesn't just happen at our house! It helps to reaffirm to me that kids are just kids, boys are just boys and that Chance is not the only crazy kid out there! Hope it is nothing permanent or pricey!!!!

Our Grand Central Station said...

Hi - I'm Sherry, Tawna and Taya's mom. I seem to remember two little girls who flushed a hot roller down the toilet at my parent's home. A big mess and a new toilet. Yes I said new toilet. They lived to tell about it. It's a good thing kids are so cute and it's illegal to sell them.