Monday, September 15, 2008

Swim Party at Preschool

On Friday Talon & Hailey's preschool teacher had a swim party at her house. I took the day off work and took them. Grandma Dairman let her borrow her huge blowup slide for the kids who didn't want to swim in the pool. The kids had a blast, but I didn't take very many pictures.

Here's one of the kids sitting in the little pool at the bottom of the slide (That's Talon smiling at the camera with the red suit on)Here's one of Lacy hanging out on grandma's lap after we got out of the pool, and grandma got her dressed again.

After we left the swim party, we met daddy and Uncle Glade for lunch at Giant Burger. Who knew Giant Burger would have breakfast food? Yeah, omelets for me!

It was a pretty long day, and after we got home I put Lacy on my bed to change her diaper and stinky clothes. She was just laying there, happy and talking, so when the bell rang on the dryer I left her there to go move the clothes over. Here is how she fell asleep. I covered her with a blanket and slept there for 2 hours!!

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