Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some Hairdo's

I have been a bit obsessed with doing Hailey's hair lately. She does MUCH better at sitting still for me at night after a shower than she does in the morning, so her hair never looks as good the next day, but it's still fun to try.

I think these are called "climbers" and they work good for both long and short hair.
From the front:

From the backish

And from the top

This is a cute hairdo I came across on this blog and had to try it.
It's much cuter with bows at the bottom of the braids, but they cover too much of her head. =)
From the back

Looking in the mirror

This was my favorite one. I don't remember which site I saw it on originally, and for the life of me I can't find it again. It's a slight variation to a french braid (which doesn't work so well in her short, fine hair). Also, with a little wiggly one, you don't have to keep a hold on the hair the whole time. You french braid a few strands, rubberband it, put another rubberband a little bit down further and french braid more, rubberband it and so on.
From the front

From the back

Another great shot from an angle

Hee Hee, here it is after a good nights sleep and swimming

We took out the few bottoms rubberband on each side and then it was cute all over again. =)


laurie said...

wow, i can't believe she sat still for all that! Cute styles, I wish I were more ambitious in that area. Very cute.

Charles and Courtney said...

Cute hair styles on Hailey. I will have to try that criss cross braid one on Carina.

stephanie said...

oh my cuteness!!! i love the hairdos we will have to try some of those!!