Monday, September 15, 2008

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald was at our local McDonald's on Saturday. We were watching Jen's kids that day, so we took all 5 kids and David met us there with his son, Tyler. Ronald signed pictures for all the kids, they all got a ticket for a drawing (Hailey won a free Happy Meal and a set of dishes), he did tricks for the kids, and they had a jumper out front.

Here are a couple of pictures of Talon getting his picture signed.Check out Braden on the far left, "who is this clown?"One of Ronald doing a trick for the kids (that's Sydney right in the middle with the brown dress on) I think maybe the kid in the front with the black shirt knows where the balls went. =)And one of the super shy Sydney singing "Twinkle Twinkle" for everyone.

After we got home, the big kids went swimming and the little kids took naps. I gave the girls baths, and fixed their hair...again. Then, we went to a birthday party for Christian Smith (Rick's 1 year old) where Talon and Sydney played on a huge blow up slidy thing and went swimming again.

After Jen got home from work to watch the kids, we went to dinner with Donna, Brandon and my dad, and then saw Jim Gaffigan at the Dodge theater. Thanks for the Anniversay present D&B!! He was pretty stinkin funny, and I hope dad enjoyed his early birthday present - even though it wasn't golfing!


Erica said...

I wish I would have known you were going to that comedian...Dave loves that guy. Would have been fun! Next time....:-)

Dairmans said...

We would have asked you guys (and John and Tairi) as you are our comedy show buddies, but we didn't get the tickets. Donna & Brandon bought the tickets for us for our anniversary, and they had a friend back out at the last minute (which is how we got to take dad).

laurie said...

Looks like fun, weren't you kids at all freaked out by him? Maybe my kids are just strange. I didn't know it was your anniversary, how many years?