Monday, September 22, 2008

More Hair

Here are two more hairdo's I did on Hailey last week.

I've done this basketball net in her hair in the past, but this time I pulled the rest of her hair into a messy pony. I thought this turned out WAY cuter!!

What do you think?

In this next one I just added a ribbon to another hairdo I've done before. I found it on this AWSOME site. She was really excited about that one, and it held for almost three days!!


laurie said...

does she sit still for those or do you have to tie her down?

Erica said...

I loved the one with the ribbon--it looked so pretty! You are really getting good at these hair-styles, and it's great that she sits for you to do it! I'll need lessons if I ever have a girl-or maybe I'll just hire you!

Tairi said...

you are creative! they look bad I have no one to practice those cute ideas on!

Mower Power said...

Very cute! I miss the days when I got to do Faith's hair however I wanted. Enjoy...someday she will want to either do it her self or dictate exactly what you need to do! :)