Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've been tagged

A-Z Tag
A * Age: 30 something
B * Birthday: Christmas Eve
C * Cake or candy: chocolate candy
D * Desserts I love: Yep, I love desserts!
E * Easiest Person to Talk to: Adelina. My favorite is when she's telling me something and then she just says, "OK, I'm done talking know" and we hang up.
F * Favorite Song: Hmmm...I can't think of one because I hardly ever listen to music anymore.
G * Gold or Silver: Definitely silver
H * Habit: I crack things when I'm not even thinking about it. Knuckles, neck, wrists, back and ankles mostly.
I* Instruments you play: I can play a couple of songs on the recorder, and probably the same couple on the clarinet. Yah, that wasn't my thing.
J * Job Title: Staff accountant, softball coach and mommy (not necessarily in that order)
K * Kiddies: 3
L * Lust or Love: Love
M * Married, Single, or Taken: Married
N * Next to you: Yoplait Peach Yogurt and a heater (they keep it FREEZING in here!)
O * One Wish: Hmmm....just one? No debt.
P * Person you called last: Mom called me and I called Joe
Q * Quote: Don't tell me what to do
R * Reason to smile: my kids laughing and playing together
S * Steak or Pork: Nope. Chicken
T * Turns you on: good manners and good smells
U * Unique Talent: Just about everything on my body cracks..j/k. I guess I can pitch fast pitch pretty well, even though I'm 30 something.
V * Veggie: corn on the cob
W * woke up at: I woke up (briefly) The first time I woke up was breifly when Joe got home, then again sometime in the middle of the night when I moved from the pull-out bed with Talon and Hailey to my own bed, gave Lacy a bottle at about 4, gave her back her pacifier a few times, woke Joe up at 6:08, gave her back her pacifier a few times and finally got out of bed for good at 6:40.
X * X-rays: Teeth and ankles, both numerous times.
Y * Your favorite color: Purple
Z * Zodiac sign: Capricorn

I'll tag Laurie, Lindsay, Jill...and Jessica Jones (write something already!)

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Mower Power said...

I love reading these! Didn't remember that you were born on Christmas Eve! Sorry to hear that you have to get up so many times per night...but I feel your pain. My youngest is almost 4 and is not a great sleeper!