Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We went to Payson with the Smith's for the 4th this year and we had a blast!! Hailey broke her bag of cheetos in the grass and it became a free for all for everyone who wanted any. I made a comment to one of the other mother's about how I was glad I wasn't the only one who didn't care that my kids were eating cheetos out of the grass, and she said, "I sent my kids over there!" EXCELLENT!!Hailey got a little bit tired because it was sooo hot when we first got there, so she decided to find her juice and take a little rest. Then, it started raining, and I mean it was REALLY raining. Some friends that were there with the Smith's had to move there canopy TWICE because they were in the path of the current of rainwater that started running through the park.

Thanks for those pictures Laurie! Luckily, we were REALLY close the house in Payson, so we got to go there, put on some dry clothes, pack up some jackets and sleeping bags to share and get back in time for delicious burgers (thanks Glade) and watch the fireworks.
The fireworks were fantastic as promised. =) We were about 150 yards from where the were being let off by the lake, and Talon even walked closer with me so he could see better!The kids were all bundled up waiting for the fireworks to start when it started to drizzle again, so they got to share a big umbrella. Amy and Tyler stayed with us at the house with their kids and we loved having them! Here is Amy, Tyler and Jarvis. John, Sherry and their kids watching fireworks all bundled up...we wished we could have spent more time with you guys while you were there!...And Lacy slept throught it all!! P.S. I'll also create a post for July 5th so you can see the huge tarantula we saw on our walk.

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laurie said...

So glad everyone had good attitudes about the rain! I thought it was fun. I don't mind that you have my pics, but how did you get them??