Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow Day

We spent the extended weekend in Payson. We met the Smith's at the gravel pits on Friday and had a great time! As soon as our kids got to the snow they tried to make Snow Angels.Both of them told us on the way there that they didn't want to go on the sleds, but they would watch everyone else. Nick was great! He got Talon going and then had to keep pulling him up the hill to go again. He had a blast!!Even Joe got in on the action!Then Talon was ready to go on his own.Joe even talked Hailey into a short ride. She had a lot more fun that it looks like here. :)Joe set them out to race each other... ...but there was no winner because they stuck together... ...all they way down.Laurie got a lot more pictures than I did (including this one of our whole family)...you can see hers HERE.
We missed Amy & Tyler and their crew...they were just getting there as we were loading up to go home, but they came over and stayed with us at the cabin that night. We took a little trip to the park behind the house on Saturday, so I'll add those pictures next.


laurie said...

I love your pictures! So happy your kids got into it. It was fun and thanks for providing the cooler. We'll get it back to you soon.

Sharron said...

What fun pictures and what fun you must have had. We took our kids up to Alpine one winter right after Christmas and had a blast. The kids still talk about it!