Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here are some photos from our trip to Payson last weekend. After Amy, Tyler and their crew stayed with us Friday night we walked out the back to the park. It was sooo cold. I was a lot colder there than I was in the snow the day before. I think we were just not dressed for it this time. :) Here are Hailey, Shyann and Branson on the tire swing.The girls.The girls and Amy.I love how Amy's kids just stop whatever they're doing to pose for you when you take a picture! Here's Trulie being so cute!Amy & JarvisMe & LacyJust in case you couldn't tell how cold it was at the park, I took this picture of Hailey right when we got inside. Her red cheeks and snot show it better than I can tell it.The girls were so good the whole time. Here they are coloring after our trip to the park. Nice look Hailey!!!Here is daddy tucking in the kids after a long day of fun.Of course we need one of Lacy too...where she isn't asleep!! We headed back home on Sunday afternoon. The weather was yucky.We stopped at the Dairmans for Sunday dinner on our way back. By the time we got home the kids were exhausted!! Check out the "baby" in the car seat...who taught Hailey to prop a bottle up like that??Goodnight Talon.

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stephanie said...

YAY i am totally glad you got back in.i cleared the other ones out and tried it again so i am glad it worked this time!! yes we definately need to get together, i was bummed that we missed the lunch with you guys, that would have been awesome..it ended up just being too crazy to get over there! i am glad we saw you at the party though!