Thursday, January 22, 2009

A small family reunion

We had a small family reunion on Sunday afternoon with some relatives on my dad's side, who live where it is REALLY cold...Minnesota. My Uncle Martin (the one with the blue jacket) was hilarious! He is my dad's uncle and he was COLD. Really?? We're in of the sunshine. Apparently he keeps is heat on about 80 back home because he doesn't like to be cold. Good times. :o)
In the picture below is Uncle Norm (striped sweater), Aunt Helen (blue-ish shirt in back), Aunt Mary Lou (flowery shirt), Great Uncle Martin & Uncle John (white shirt). Aunt Helen and Aunt Mary Lou are my dad's sisters and Uncle Norm and Uncle John are their husbands. We brought a bunch of stuff for the kids to do while the adults visited, ate and watched the Cardinals game. Here's Hailey and Sydney coloring, Braden, Emma and Talon are in the background.
For some reason the kids liked sitting under the stage. They said it was their clubhouse.
We put Lacy down there with them and the girls thought it was pretty funny that she was sitting with the big kids. From left to right: Emma, Sydney, Hailey, Talon, Braden and Lacy.Aunt Helen wanted to get a picture of each of us with our whole family. Here's Dan (my dad's nephew) with his adorable family.And a close-up. :o) I handed my camera to Aunt Mary Lou and she got this shot of us.After the kids (and Joe) ran off I looked at the picture in the camera. I said to myself, "both of the guys eyes are closed, I really don't like my hair curly, Lacy's looking the wrong way and WHAT THE HECK IS HAILEY DOING WITH HER HEAD?" Hailey and Talon, come here...say cheese."No, seriously pick up your head Hailey.""Are you kidding me? Pick up your head and say cheese!""Last one, look up at me!""Forget it...silly faces!"...and back down her head went.


JIll said...

It looks like the kids are taking lessons from my kids:) cute picts!

Sharron said...

This looks like lots of fun. Love the pics, universal truth, kids like to do strange things in pictures, don't they? they're still cute though.