Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Girly Hair Post :o) & 9 mo check-up

It finally arrived!! The beanie hat we won finally came from Canada and it fits Lacy PERFECTLY! I ♥ it! She had her 9 month check-up last week and is doing pretty good. Her height is in the 50% and her weight is in the 20%, but her doctor was pleased with her progress. She did, however, have double ear infections...again. Poor girl. She never even shows any signs of it. We are going to take her back in a month to make sure her ears are clean and to discuss changing her formula to soy.

Big news!! Lacy had her very first pony tail! Joe didn't appreciate it as much as I did. :o)
It was such a beautiful day out we decided to go out back and take some more pictures. What an angel! I think this is my favorite picture of Lacy EVER...well except for the day she was born.Look how happy she gets when her big brother is around.Talon took over as photographer and snapped this shot of us girls. Please excuse my hair...it was windy...I promise I HAVE left the 80's and my bangs were not stuck that way.
Here is a really cute hairdo I have done on Hailey twice now. It's really easy and looks super cute on her. The second time I used some better bows and it looked even cuter, but I didn't take pictures of it that day. (She was playing with makeup while I did her hair) If you want better instructions on the twisty X (Courtney) you can go HERE...Dang that took me FOREVER to find again, but I think it's important nobody thinks I'm not making these up myself. :o) I really don't have a single creative bone in my body, but I CAN follow directions.The back (and cutest) view.The side view.


Tairi said...

This is why I need a girl, look at how cute that beanie is! She is growing so fast and has changed so much. What a cute girl. You look fabulous, even with your 80s hair. That made me laugh. I love the Christmas pics

JIll said...

Do NOT listen to Joe, her hair was adorable!! I wish Lauren would let me do that to her hair :)

Sharron said...

The do is a keeper and what do daddies know? Would you believe Rob felt the same way when Tatianna first started getting those little pebble pony tails and now he does a great job putting them in!

How do you and Courtney find the time to do all these hairdos? Amazing!

Charles and Courtney said...

Cute pictures and hair. I will have to try that on Carina but maybe use some messy buns instead.