Thursday, January 22, 2009

Doggie Kisses

I can't help but post this one. Lacy is not crawling yet, but she scoots like CRAZY! Whenever Sandy's cage door is open she heads straight there. Sandy is so old and mellow she doesn't normally care, but this time she stretched out and gave Lacy a big 'ole kiss.Mostly I posted this for mom and Jennifer because I knew they would say, "GROSS!"


Audra Roberts said...

Hi Kathy and Joe,
I found your blog and it is very cute. I love the way you do Hailey's hair. You have a good looking family.
Audra (Matt's wife)

Sharron said...

I love dogs and I love kids, but I on't love dogs licking kids faces! My little pooches are terrible about licking little kids faces and it really kills me when the little kids let the dogs lick the inside of their mouths. I can't believe how many moms laugh at that .. br-a-a-a-ak!

confession: when Sarah was this age, she always had a running nose and screamed when we wiped it. She thought it was funny when the little dog of the time licked it off, so I let it. I have repented!