Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talon's First Day

I realize I have more pics to post from California still, but I want to write about Talon's first day while it's still all fresh.

Joe and I disagreed about what time the bus was going to pick Talon up. We went too early and ended up standing in the wrong place because there wasn't anyone else out there. The good news is that the bus stop is even closer than we thought. Talon got on the bus and was excited to start his first day.

After it rode away we took the girls home and I got in my car to meet the bus at school. Everyone at the school assured me there would be people there to help him when he got off, but I don't believe people, so I wanted to make sure.

I got to the school before the bus, so I parked and stood a little bit away from where they said the buses park. I was just going to observe. There was one lady there when the kids where getting off the buses. Mom? Teacher? I don't know but she didn't say anything to Talon. He got off and followed the crowd. He saw me, smiled and waved. I waved back and watched. He put his backpack down with the other kids and started wandering around. This was obviously not the kindergarten playground I was told he would be shown to.

I walked up to a lady with a whistle. "Excuse me, I followed my son's bus here to see what would happen, and nobody has shown him where to go." She smiled, "Oh, that's so good you followed the bus. It only takes them a few times to figure out where to go." I did not smile, "Only if they are shown where to go. Where is the kindergarten playground?" "Oh, it's downstairs in the front." I looked at her blankly. She knows I said kindergarten and I was asking where it was right? I'm ASKING for help, unlike my 5 year old, and you're still not helping. She offered to have an older kid show us where it was.

We followed him past about 7 different playgrounds and down a flight of stairs. Seriously? This is your setup? Make the kindergartners go THIS far on their own? Talon stopped paying attention to where we were going about 20 times on the way there. It was chaos everywhere. We finally made it to the playground and he put down his backpack and played. I witnessed a few children crying, and a few more being found and brought to the know because everything was sooo organized. When they blew the whistle Talon found the right teacher (who magically appeared right after the whistle blew) and got lined up and headed out to what I hope will not be his "worst day ever!"


Taylor K said...

I know that it is his first day, but you need to take a deep breath and chill. :)

Sharron said...

Wow, maybe Taylor is right, maybe, NOT, but I would be in your shoes right now. I don't think I have ever heard of kindergarteners left on their own like that before. I know how mean the older kids can be now and with parents running all over the place, any adult could just blend in. Good for you for taking some initiative!

Erica said...

I can't believe this! Sure, he'll know his way--eventually--not on his first day! Its too bad they have to be dropped off so far from their door. They really should have had someone there to help. Good thing your mommy instincts told you to be there just in case! I hope he loves school!