Monday, August 17, 2009


While we were in California we took our kids to Legoland. It was perfect for 3-5 year olds. Our kids had a great time! It wasn't too bad for us either. :-) This was the lamest ride EVER!! The helicopters went up and down and around on the base, but the kids L♥ved it!
They also had a huge water area for the kids to play in. We went prepared and took their swimsuits.Here is this cool tube in the aquarium. The kids got to pop up and pretend they were in the tank.This ride was not too scary and the kids were both tall enough to go on by themselves. :-)
Talon met Bob the Builder!!Waiting in line...happily.These cars were just the right size...with no waiting!! Hailey totally passed him. :-)


Taylor K said...

couldn't agree more. LegoLand is the perfect place for younger kids! Isn't the water stuff great? Conveniently located next to the gift shop. Yikes.

Sharron said...

I keep hearing about how great Legoland is. Guess we should borrow some grandkids and go, huh?

It looks more and more like you guys had so much fun in CA. Hope the pictures help the kids remember it all!

Charles and Courtney said...

Looks like fun. Maybe we will have to try that one next year. I think that is the only amusement park we haven't hit these past 8 years.