Monday, August 17, 2009

Sea World

Hailey was so excited! Not only did her cousins Gavin and Ava go with us to Sea World with their dad, but her best friend Lauren got to come too!! Here they are sweating and watching the Pet Show.Lacy liked the doggies.
This is Joe telling Ava to smile bigger. Hilarious!! Uncle Jono and HaileyBailee and Talon We took the kids to see the 3-D Elmo show and they were all crying by the end. When you name a movie after a loveable, cuddly, little creature like Elmo it should be kid proof. Not scary, spitty, blow-up things in your face the whole time. We calmed them down and then bought them some hats to make it up to them. :-)
For the money, and what our kids could do there, I think Legoland was the better choice for my family. We'll go to Sea World again in another 5 years or so, when they're all tall enough for the rides. :-)

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